Card machines not accepting contactless

I use my new Monzo card particularly for coffee, meals etc… The contactless works in nearly all Coffee bars and most restaurants etc… How I have had 2 occaisons when the contactless won’t work and I have to go and use the chip and PIN. Monzo has read the card as on the Monzo app I see Declined please use chip and pin. I thought this might be because Monzo card is a MasterCard. But my wife says she has the same thing with our Visa card with another bank. I suspect it is either the firmware in their card machine &/or the bank they are using. Unless they have set not to use contactless. But I think I saw others using contactless before me. It is not a great problem. I can use Chip and PIN (but annoying to have to do so). Plus I have started to walk away before the shop owner says it is not accepted. Any ideas. I am new to Monzo card and love it but this is just weird. Surely contactless should just work?/

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Have you used up your contactless limit before you need to do PIN entry? If you search help in the app for ‘limits’ you will see what they are and how close you are using them up before you need to enter the PIN. Biometric payment eg Apple Pay does not have this limitation.

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Every few transactions the card will need the pin - all banks do this, to limit exposure should the card be lost.

You can use android/apple pay to get around this (because it’s fingerprint authenticated) if it’s too annoying.


The only limit I see is an amount of cash such as £100. I never anything like this in one transaction. As for transactions per day I rarely exceed 3 transactions per day. I am using Android not Apple. I could use Apple pay or Google Pay I suppose but I would rather not. Contactless should be fine for my use. I shouldn’t think I would get forced PIN with the amount of times or cash amount I use it for at the moment.

Did you search ‘limits’ in the help section? It will show limits for all kinds of things including the contactless limit.

It’s a cumulative total. So it doesn’t matter if you use it 10 times a day or 10 times a year, when you hit that limit you’ll need to reset it by using your pin.

If you use Apple/GooglePay then this doesn’t apply as that authenticates.

Click into your account, manage and then scroll to limits.

This message?


If yes then you’ve hit your contactless limit and need to do a PIN transaction just to confirm it’s still you using the card


Nothing to worry about. It’s a security feature in case your card gets stolen.