Been waiting 14 hours for someone to reply!

I am so unbelievably angry, since having monzo I’ve had. I thing but trouble ( sometimes my card don’t work in shops, other times it won’t let me take cash out ) well yesterday I tried to send money to my husband to which I keep getting an error “ please try again later” I automatically go into chase and raise my issue. This was 18.22 last night. I’m still waiting now :rage::rage:

This is one of the reasons I will not use Monzo as my main account. Poor customer service, regardless of the format of the bank being an app. In comparison starling bank have excellent customer service and I get interest on all my money. I know monzo have a lot of new customers but how many of them are due to the £5 offer?


Just because you’ve seen a handful of people on here complain doesn’t mean that their customer service poor. I’m testament to that, my last 3 chats have pretty much been live and instant.

There’s no excuse why these people have been waiting so long but Im sure they’ve just been unlucky or it’s something complex that need a specialist. This does unfortunately mean it takes a little longer.

If it really was that bad Monzo wouldn’t be seeing continual rising numbers of accounts opening. In fact they’re smashing records :blush:


I have to hand it to you Ordog, you come across as a fantastic ambassador for the Monzo product :ok_hand:

Record account openings are great, but whether those sign ups will actually use their account in the way the bank would like, is an entirely different matter. I’m not anti-Monzo in any way, I wish the bank every success.


Just stating facts :blush:

I’ll gladly jump in and criticise Monzo when necessary and believe me I have done so plenty of times :laughing:


1st thing I would do due to card issues is replace the card looks like a fault with it.

I have on,y had to contact Monzo support a few times since 2016 when I had the pre paid card and everything dealt with quickly for me.


I can’t fault you. Just remember though, for every high, there’s a low somewhere, something that all organisations need to remember.

But going back to the original issue, it must be downright frustrating for those customers who aren’t getting the level of customer support they expect. I guess I’ve been incredibly lucky over the years as as far as interaction with banks are concerned generally, they have been very few and far between. If I take Starling as an example, I’ve chatted to them just 3 times in the last 12 months and each of those interactions have been resolved within minutes of opening a chat.


People do seem to have quite variable experiences. I asked a question on the app yesterday and got a reply within the hour. Not only that but she made me laugh handing it professionally and yet a fun message. Hopefully the OP is sorted soon.


Oh yeah undoubtedly it must be frustrating but my point was its not a pandemic that should stop you from opening an account :slight_smile:

Maybe I’ve been leading a charmed life, but I hadn’t had cause to contact Monzo for many months - until last week.

Given the stories on here I was admittedly nervous about how long it would take, but I had a response within 9 minutes. :man_shrugging:


Perhaps it’s the complexity of the issue causing monzo staff to ignore tickets that will take them too long to resolve?

I’m completely guessing, but here’s obviously something causing some people to be answered relatively quickly and others to disappear into a dark sinkhole for multiple days.

Ticket systems show overdue tickets at the top of the queue, so these multi day tickets that haven’t had a single response should be screaming on the system, there’s no way they’re not seeing them. So why are they not being answered but other non overdue tickets are being answered instead.

It is an interesting question I think.

With regards to payment issues and the card not working in ATMs, you need to ask for a replacement card. I’ve not had the card fail on me once, so it would suggest yours is faulty.


On this… Monzo aren’t established enough to have a horrible reputation for bad customer service - In fact, for a large part of their time, their CS has been one of the standout parts of the product.

But… I don’t think you can relate a massive marketing push with a lack of a problem in CS.

Just look at this forum, we get 1/2/3 different people each day saying they’ve been waiting for a response - Some are new customers making forum accounts, and others are established, long time Monzo customers.

That’s only those who bother going to the effort of commenting about the situation - I’d imagine 95% wouldn’t go to those efforts.

Unfortunately, whilst plenty of new people are signing up to Monzo, I personally know quite a few people who were previously using Monzo as their main account, and now use a different bank for a variety of reasons.

There is very little doubt that Monzo’s CS response times via chat are poor (I’ve experienced it first hand), but the one saving grace for me was the quick response I had when I phoned up (although I seem to be in the minority there).

It’s like a game of ping pong here. Someone complains they’ve been waiting for an issue to be resolved and it’s taking hours or days, and almost immediately someone comes back and says I was answered within minutes.

If there’s a customer service problem, then it should be looked into and dealt with expeditiously.


But this is a customer forum where people will reply with their experiences. Unless you are suggesting people should only reply to topics if they 100% agree with the OP?


All I’m saying is, if there’s a problem, then it needs sorting. First impressions and all that.

Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the app to see if that removes the error? And definitely order a new card, sounds faulty

The card could be fine and the OP has just happened to use the few Link only ATM’s (Co-op Bank springs to mind) that don’t accept MasterCard only.

Doesn’t explain it not working in shops

I’m not working this weekend so I’m not sure what’s going on with wait times

I just want to pick up on this though, we have a system where a COp presses CTRL&1 and they’re automatically assigned the next waiting longest Chat so we don’t pick tickets based on complexity :slight_smile:

Though, during normal working hours we have extra Short Term Staff handling a queue where the straightforward queries are placed. We don’t do this out of hours (we may on a Saturday but I’m not sure) and only Short Term Staff work from the queue - everyone else works from all incoming.