Poor Customer Service Strikes Again

I just don’t understand how someone could think this is an acceptable reply? It is like a bot scanned my message for keywords and sent the reply. But it was a human.


That’s either still a bot, they don’t get your first message and it’s assigned with keywords or just dreadful customer service.


That is truly Cut+Paste response, isn’t it? Lazy.

Taking note from their response though, does the other person have “Payment with Firends” switched on in their settings? I would have thought so tbh. Just as they would be in your contacts.

Looks like you’ll need to try again.

I raised a question last week, seeking reassurance that my account would not be frozen again when my maturing RS comes in, and I try to move it to Tesco.

They read my message then closed the conversation. Not a word.

Then a survey, asking how they done!!! I just deleted it as I thought it was an error as no one had been in touch.

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, I am glad that I do not rely on Monzo any more for anything but receiving my monthly income and paying my DDs and SOs. Anything outside of that is sketchy at best.

Not interested in any other gimmicky features any more. Use Chase, Starling, and a few High Street banks for my main spending and financial transactions. More reliable.


Chase is incredible. Like they have nailed customer service!


So the most important things you do every month are what your use Monzo for?

Considering your constant criticism of Monzo, why do you use them at all? CASS it to someone else and then you won’t have to use such a sketchy bank.


For me this is still the most painful part of being with Monzo. The App and all of that are ace, and poor CX was the reason I left Monzo the first time.

I had a similar experience when re-joining, I just kept getting “cut and paste” errors around apple pay activiation. It took ringing them each time to sort it out.

I really don’t get how they do so well in customer experience surveys, they have the most hit and miss CS team ever. Some are totally ace, others not as much.

BTW - not blaming individuals here, I think poor teaching & process are to blame here


Really? Please do tell.

I’m not going to the effort of digging through your posts. You’re entitled to your opinion on why you don’t like Monzo, I just find it bizarre that you say it so often but still use the account for the most important things.

Whatever! :rofl: :rofl:


Someone actually answered!?

When my mum was trying to phone them, it seemed like every option that wasn’t fraud related just cut you off. And even then, there are numerous reports of the fraud line just ringing out until it goes dead.


Lmao. I’ve often dismissed those folk who come on and accuse members here of defending Monzo come what may and dismissing their criticism as somewhat hyperbole takes. But this! This really does look like that! Or maybe you just can’t remember any of Paul’s posts prior to his recent bad experience.

@PaulUK’s been around for as long as I can remember, and he’s been a Monzo customer for (probably) all of that time and has had many positive things to say. Many more than negative, that’s for sure!


Maybe it’s a recency bias then. But the point still stands, why use a bank for important things that you think aren’t good enough?


Inertia, I think, because I’ve done it too. I don’t like closing accounts, and the basics, like direct debits and standing orders, should run just like clockwork without any intervention, so sometimes it just makes more sense to leave those alone, and just use whatever other banks you prefer for all your other day to day needs.

In the future, when I inevitably decide to use B bank over A Bank because it’s newer or has some better or new experience, or I’ve just grown tired of A Bank and feel disgruntled (How I feel about good old reliable Barclays) I just redirect my standing orders. Monzo is pretty sufficient for handling that, even if you think Monzo sucks.


For me, yes. And they were really ace, thankfully


Maybe because being good enough to accomplish routine tasks is one thing, being not good enough when things go wrong is another.

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This isn’t the worst reply IMO. They’ve clearly spelled out the steps required, and you can confirm that you’ve followed them and that (if it’s still the case) things still aren’t working. It’s 100% a cut and paste reply, and maybe they could’ve prefixed it with, “can I just confirm you’re following the steps outlined below?” But meh. It’s not terrible in my view.

What happened next? :popcorn:


If I have to take someone through something at work I try to say “I know you might have done some of these things but I just need to catch up with where we are at, sorry if it’s repeating for a few moments” or something.

I think sometimes cut and paste can make a customer feel dumb, like they haven’t tried the basics. But I do get that you need to get a grasp of what things have and haven’t been done.


I couldn’t have got to the stage I was at without having done all those steps. So it is lack of product knowledge.


Honestly, the support you get from the community (who are volunteering their time) is better than the paid CS agents that take sometimes HOURS to reply, thankfully I never have anything urgent

All they did was probably paste the KB


Honestly, that’s largely all it seems to come down to. We have greater product knowledge than their own support agents. That’s not a good thing!