Chat support gone downhill

Hey all,

Has anyone else noticed the in app chat has become a bit useless?

I’ve only had to use this a handful of times and it was excellent last year, however it seems since monzo has grown the support has suffered.

I contacted them at the start of the week wit ha simple card delivery query and the agent i spoke to didn’t seem to read my question at all and their response was totally useless, even after i confirmed my query, I just gave up.

Today my partner contacted them because a payment from our joint account failed due to monzo trying to send the standing order 6 minutes before her legacy bank transferred the money to our joint account, and the response she got from the agent was useless as well. First they told her to change the time the standing order went out, but then couldnt tell us how to do this (dont think it’s possible?) then she was told a second attempt would be made, but couldnt tell her when this would occur.

Eventually she was then told that it wouldn’t be retried and we’d have to manually send the payment, which is what I assumed we’d have to do but the response we got from the agent was shocking, they didnt read the question properly and then gave us incorrect information.

If any staff members would like specifics to follow up on either of these please get in touch, these 2 bad experiences have dulled my opinion of Monzo, and after finally convincing my girlfriend to move over this is her first experience and she’s already wanting to move back to her legacy bank.

Sorry for the wall of text, however i felt feedback needed to be given here


@emma_mondo could perhaps get some details from you ???

That doesn’t sound good.

Support has sometimes been a little slow for me but the replies have always been really helpful.


Hoping this is just an unlucky period as I’ve used the chat a couple of times and they’ve always been helpful and forthcoming (including going away to investigate and coming back to me an hour later).


Thanks for the replies, yeah i dont mind if it takes them a while to get back, as long as they come back with useful / correct information.

As mentioned previously support has been brilliant, just 2 seperate ocassions this week we’ve both had a bad experience

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My sister has mentioned to me she had some bad support from them. To do with a cheque issue whereby they were supposed to have cancelled it but it still went through and then cancelled it again.

I think this can partly be explained by the massive influx of new CO-ops, mean they would still be their feet a little bit. I believe this is a blip.


I find, when facing a issue, such as receiving bad service by a customer service agent, actually addressing the situation on the spot with the agent.

1…resolves your issue, in most cases, immediately.
2…saves you time, having to login to the forum, search for a complaints post about little issues.
3…oh yeah…walk away with a :grinning: which actually helps.

Have we gone full circle and have another supportgate on our hands?

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Monzo timings from my understandings are
Pots unlocked midnight
Income hits account at 1am (generally)
Bills paid at 3am roughly
Not sure re standing orders payments but would image under “bills”
You can edit a standing order
Scheduled pot payments you cannot needs to be cancelled and recreated

I have only had I think 3 reasons to contact COps and all where sorted within a reasonable time even this week :wink:

Bit cheeky if they sent that on the day.

Guessing they check first thing then contact the tenants to make sure everything’s OK, not sure as this is the first time it’s happened

Banks are banks my friend & behind them pulling the strings are bigger banks.:joy:

Unfortunately a lot of companies grow to quickly & the first thing to go is customer service.

I messaged 4 days ago & didn’t get a reply.

N26 we’re the same :sleepy:

They were meant to have sorted these issues before Christmas when things got bad. They sorted it by hiring more people and then stopped hiring recently. So I would assume it’s an onboarding issue(not training as they’ve been trained surely by now) also their workload just dropped with no longer having to unlock so many pots.
It’s just not good to have a bank with the caveat"it’s a good bank if you never have an issue"

Not to sure about your first paragraph…

Should have told your agency to hold there horses, they shouldn’t be bothering you first thing as your rent was due today, yeah??? The days not over yet.

Anyway it’s all sorted now :grinning:

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I think they do it more as a reminder that they’ve not had the rent, i feel we’re getting off the actual topic here

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I too have recently been having substandard support…

One I remember is they said they’d look into something as they didn’t know how to do it, but never got back to me… so I gave up and went a different way about it…

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Hi everyone :wave:

I’m Jack - I work at Monzo!

I’ve caught up with @Mark_07 over DM on what’s happened here, and we’re looking into what happened with him and his partner. I’m keen not to say too much more just for now, as it’s up to Mark what he’d like to share!

@Dan_R & @flourish - could you DM me with a little more info on yours? I’d like to take a look at this for you in a little more detail.

Supporting you when you need us, and giving useful answers, is really, really important to us, so I’m really sorry if you’ve not had answers :pensive: