Been waiting 14 hours for someone to reply!

Depends which shops. Some shops with a post office has issues accepting a Monzo card due to how they try and use Link to withdraw the cash.

I do agree, a new card is probably the best bet. I was just pointing out that there might not be an issue, it could be the locations used.

How does this work for 2 questions asked in a row?

Example - I asked a question through chat on Wednesday last week - No answer.

24 hours later I asked a different question in chat, which was picked up very quickly (but still no answer to the previous question).

Was the expectation that I should ask the CS agent my previous question as well?

In short, yes - it should have been address by the COp picking it up.

They’re all in the same thread so we should be reading previous messages where applicable.


Thanks for clarifying. So it sounds like there’s two things. Short term ‘office hours’ staff are picking up some tickets as they come in, but the actual queue for tickets is backlogged by a day+ and if missed by one of the short term staff your ticket will sit for a while?

That does seem to explain the discrepancy.

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I don’t want to speak for Beth, but that sounds like it’s only one possible inference. It could equally be that the dual track means that both complex and simple queries result in quick responses. Without more information, it’s impossible to say which of these is correct.

I wouldn’t say that’s caused the discrepancy. Our wait times have not been consistent this week, we had them at about 90 minutes on Friday evening and there have obviously been some much longer waits.

We are very busy, and that’s no excuse, but it’s the current circumstances. I believe we are looking to hire around another 200 COps in the next 12 weeks to continue to support growing demand.


Hopefully its just a numbers game and not the system its self. It’s definitely not an easy thing to get right so I don’t envy the task.

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Monzo is currently hiring a QA lead for COps(Why advertise externally when I think an internal promotion would make sense)(Unless its for the law).
This should increase the consistency.
I think something that requires good leadership and good delegation of tasks plus utilisation of existing resources

Im not disputing the op’s issue, but what a lot of people forget is what the alternative could be… take for example youre a new customer of say TSB and this issue happened… its the weekend so you’d have to call them… but then you might not be registered for telephone banking which results in codes being sent to phones or even worse sent out in the post… Obviously a 14 hour wait can be concerning for some people but the other options arent always better…

Out of curiosity @BethS how big is the training team and how do you manage to train so many people in a short space of time?

There are plenty of choices out there for banking services though. If I needed to contact Monzo but wait 14 hours to get a reply I’d probably use that time to start shopping about for a better service.

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Looking at this from a totally different angle again. How often after you’re all setup do you need to contact your bank?

In my 2 years of being #fullMonzo it must only be around 3 times for me? One of those was to request a custom URL as part of my Plus subscription.

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Before Monzo? Hardly ever.

Since Monzo? More than I’d like to.

2 reasons for this.

  1. Initially the in app chat was incredibly easy, super quick, and genuinely gave me a warm fuzzy feeling that I was justified in leaving the norms of a high street bank and joining Monzo.

  2. Sadly, most of the recent times have been because there has been an issue with the app, service, or general Monzo issues.

You could argue that had I been with a high street bank, I may not have known about the issues - With the instant notifications Monzo offer, and general speed I’ve been used to since joining, perhaps these issues are highlighted more than they would otherwise have been.

All of this is secondary though, and takes focus off the point of this topic, and every other topic about slow customer support.

You can’t blame customers for getting in touch with their bank, you can’t blame spikes in 3rd party issues increasing support times…

I mean, c’mon… There was a massive thread about slow support times last year, followed by a self praising thread of how Monzo has fixed everything and learnt from their mistakes…

Well clearly they haven’t learnt, and whether it’s down to cost saving, bad planning or something else, I really don’t care anymore… If this was any other bank there would be far less sympathy.

Appreciate that all sounds rather dramatic, and it really isn’t supposed to.

It will also make little difference to the uplift in customer numbers - But it may impact how many of those customers actually use/trust Monzo for their day to day banking.


I’m not blaming anyone, just curious to know :slight_smile:

People go for the easiest route so it’s simple to open up the app and tap in a question. If I had to find time out of my day to telephone a bank, be sat on hold for 30 minutes and struggle explaining the issue to a foreign call centre it might make me think a little more before hand.

I may Google it and be directed here, have a search through the Monzo guides, or think more logically about what caused the issue and how I could resolve it myself.

I’m just looking at it from a different perspective. If people are asking the same questions and are struggling with certain features, perhaps more educational blog posts / newsletters will help ease the pressure?

Do Monzo collect enquiry stats? It would be interesting to know what the most common types of queries are.

EG. I see lots of people struggling to log in because they’re not using the email address they registered with or are clicking ‘sign up’ by accident. They all said that they contacted COps but Monzo don’t appear to have done anything to address this :thinking:

I can only speak of FD, Barclays and Nationwide - But all 3 have answered within 1 minute if I’ve needed to call them (all UK call centres as well).

There does seem to be a huge amount of confusion over what would appear relatively simple things.

Although if you can’t log in, you can’t access the help :wink:

Personally, I don’t see the educational pieces/blog posts coming in that useful in the long run.

If someone has an issue, they shouldn’t have to research online, or access forums to get it resolved - That’s just my feeling on it and I’m not saying they are wrong to do the blogs etc - But that for me is an add on more than anything.

But yeah, anything that potentially reduces the stress of COps and speeds up response times is a winner in my book!

Haha good point! Bad example :laughing:

Blog posts might not work but I’m just throwing the idea out there to see what other people think or can suggest.

In my head I have those people who abused the locked pots system and put unnecessary strain on CS or those who come on here accusing Monzo of stuff but clearly haven’t thought logically about where the actual issue lies.

Ultimately you should be able to contact your bank no matter what but those who abuse or are clogging it up with continual “basic” or unnecessary questions may be contributing to this. How does Monzo filter these so those who have an issue that is important but not ‘urgent’ can get their question answered in a timely manner.

I think part of the problem is that monzo can’t get away from the fact that humans are not robots. A robot would query the google for their answer and execute it precisely. A human needing an issue fixed and already stressed out about it just wants to phone a number and have someone fix the problem.

It doesn’t matter if the issue is spelt out in a blog post, if I can’t access my account for example I just want to phone my bank, have them actually answer at any time day or night, and fix my problem.

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That’s a completely false assumption to make. You may find that customer support is terrible, but few people are impacted, making the risk worth it.

New accounts certainly does not indicate good customer support and making such assumptions is how to potentially skim over serious customer issues with complacency.

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Were there plans in place to increase COps headcount to account for the growth in customers generated by the marketing push?

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If only a few people are impacted then it’s not a big serious problem :thinking:

Either way we’re both assuming. Only Monzo will know and they’ve already mentioned that they’re on the case :slight_smile: