Customer service... what customer service?!

So, here I am nearly 12 hours after contacting Monzo about not being able to access my bank account, on the day bills are due to go out; etc; and I still can’t access my account. I phoned this morning and got an automated email asking to send ID. Okay, I thought, so I did just that and sent it off to the help email.

A few hours pass and nothing. I tweet Monzo who tell me to DM them. I do, and they tell me they’ve chased with customer services to get this resolved as a priority. “Emails can take 2 days to process” they say. This is not good customer service. I use Monzo as my daily driver, and they say you test a bank when it matters and so far… this is not a good test.

Why can i not get in you ask? Well my email address had changed and, admittedly I forgot to update Monzo with this new email. So it’s not entirely their fault here… but and this is a big BUT… it should not take now in excess of a working day to get access to your bank account if you’re locked out. Given it is quite literally an email address causing grief. I can not get access to the old email any more or this would be easy to fix.

I have to say, Monzo’s in app wait times have been increasing over the last few times I’ve needed them and now this. I’ve been on hold for 12 minutes as I write this, with the phone system saying if no one answers in 20 minutes they’ll end the call to stop me waiting? - What’s that about? Seems like a cop out that!

I can’t say I’m overly impressed. I’m putting this here so it’s out in the public domain for others considering Monzo. I’ve been using Monzo as my primary current account and savings account since it became a true bank; and the more I think about it the more I might move back to Lloyds. At least they answered the phone, deal with fraud very-well and get you back in to the app when it fails - with a dedicated app team.

This is a joke.

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Not entirely their fault… as in not their fault at all.

I agree the service needs to be much better though. With pretty much most banks it would be easy to resolve. Hope it is fixed soon for you though :+1:

How did your email address change :confused:

Do you mean that you signed up with a work email address and then left or something?

@lpoolrob Well, the fact I didn’t change the email is my fault - granted. However, their inability to support when you need them, is. Makes you wonder what they’d be like in times where fraud occurs.

@Ordog - I had a .eu email address for years before the Brexit debacle. A side effect of Brexit was .eu email addresses no longer working for UK citizens. I now have a domain name I use for my emails, Monzo was just one of the places I’d obviously forgotten to inform.

I’ve just been on hold for 20 minutes and got hung up on by their phone system. Attempt two now.

I’ve also called Lloyds for a separate financial matter today and got a personal hello on them answering and straight into my account from the details i’d entered into their phone system. Call took less than 5 minutes from start to finish.

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All you can do is keep trying. Nobody on here can help you I’m afraid because we’re all customers just like you. Hope you get it sorted soon :crossed_fingers:

I’d stop thinking about it, and just get on and do it, if I was in your position. CASS is your best friend in the banking world.

Yeah, it’s on my mind for sure. That’s two attempts at calling them now with the Monzo phone line hanging up on me after 20 minutes. Feels like their phone number is just to give the impression they answer phone calls.

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They don’t provide phone support very much (or well either I guess), with attention being given to in-app & email support.

I’d drop them a further email, and chase them up that way instead of sitting on the phone…

Given the number and variety of alternatives out there, that’s one more attempt than they deserve.

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How did you get logged out of your account?

I raised an issue around 8am ish and got a response a few hours later. They’ll get to you eventually, did you try ringing at all seen as though it’s so important.

Yes I called, twice. No answer.

The Monzo app crashed this morning, and it had to re-sign in. Which hasn’t happened before.

Also, I’m guessing you raised an issue in-app, and not by email?

Oh yeah just seen that, missed that bit :sweat_smile:

Unfortunately it is what it is, you’ll just have to wait and also raise a complaint if you see fit.