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when i try to get logged in ,i get message ,email link ,click that then i get this address is not understood .
help please

Did you click the link on your phone?
It’s a link that’s platform-specific.
Otherwise if you did then get in touch with customer support at help@monzo.com.

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yes ,tells me they cant connect me

In that case, there’s nothing left to be done except emailing customer support (^^).
Hopefully they will resolve it for you quickly.

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this might sort it for you -

You might get that if your email client has a built-in web browser that steals all clicks on web links (and misbehaves when it encounters an address that an app should respond to) and doesn’t hand off to your main web browser.

What email app do you use? If it has a built-in browser, that browser might have a menu icon in the corner to launch in your system browser, or you might have to go into email settings to turn it off.

I had a similar problem when I didn’t have an email app on the device I was using, so instant messaged myself the magic login link from my laptop, but then the message app used its own browser, and fouled things up as above until I convinced it not to.

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