Locked out of my Monzo app

Hi, I was checking my account and it had problems updating my latest transactions until it went crazy and logged out by itself and locked me out of the app.
I tried logging back in but it feels like I’m requesting another card, plus it just stops at verifying my phone number after I send the 6 digit code and it shows an error that says my phone can’t be verified, come back later. Now it’s a bit urgent because I get my salary on my Monzo u guys help!

Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the app?

Delete and reinstall. Then make sure you choose ‘I already have a Monzo account’ and use the same email you signed up with.

Hopefully deleting and reinstalling will work. If it doesn’t, I’m afraid forum members can’t help you further with this, as it needs to be dealt with by Monzo staff.

If you can’t get into the app to use the in app chat option, you can email help@monzo.com, or you can phone the number on the back of your card.

I had this issue yesterday. Double check your email address after the reinstall as if there’s anything different it defaults to trying to open a new account (and seems to get itself stuck).

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I did reinstall but nothing different happened. I sent Monzo an email too now I’m waiting. I’ll reinstall and try again…I did check the email address too and it’s the right one, I have previous emails from Monzo there so it’s not that…
And I can’t see the other “I already have a Monzo account” option. It’s not there

I’d call Monzo at 0800 802 1281.

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The link is at the bottom - I think this is the one people are referring to.

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Well heck I wish I had that option :))))

Now I’m having problems reinstalling the app :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:image

That screenshot looks like a problem with your phone (though not sure what it is - app developers, to my knowledge, can’t really control how downloads their apps, besides restricting by country.

I restarted my phone and it worked but this is the problem image

Ah, looks like it’s different on iOS and Android.
Your best bet is ti call the number above (the “Log IN” button should allow you to log in by entering your email address and clicking on a magic link sent by Monzo).

Your best bet is to call the number I listed above.

I’ll call now even though I really wanted to avoid being left on hold for 5 hours

Fingers crossed that isn’t the case! :crossed_fingers:

Give them a call sometimes it’s the only way :smiley:

You guys were right, they answered really fast and fixed my problem. Turns out I was the dummy, using the wrong email. But it’s fixed now, thank you everyone for your help and suggestions :heart:


That’s exactly what I was doing yesterday! Glad it’s fixed for you.

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Seen this one about a dozen times on here. It’s always the wrong email address.

I wonder if this should be clearer. Eg. When it’s decided you don’t have an account and it sends you to the sign up flow, could there be an “I already have an account” button at that point, instead of before you realise you’ve taken a wrong turn, @hugo ?


It can’t be working as intended, after you click on the magic link it just takes you through the standard sign up procedure before failing with a general error message on mobile authentication, presumably because that mobile number is in use. I’d sooner it return a “no account found linked with that email address” style message?

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