Attach PDF (and any other format) to transactions


Im getting more and more receipts via email as a PDF and would like to attach them to the transaction in Monzo, like I can do with images. (Unless I use some very clever setup with mirrors) I can’t currently do that.

Would love monzo to remove attachment limitation to images only.

PDF Receipts
(Jolin) #2

This would be useful, and there’s been some previous discussion of it, though all are quite old now. You’ll see that Richard, one of the Monzo developers, has also previously looked into automatically adding email receipts into transactions.

(Stephen Early) #3

I quite like the way Xero does this - there is a “magic” email address that you can forward emails with attachments to. The attachments then appear in a “files inbox” on the Xero site; when you are viewing a transaction (a bill, for example) you can say “attach file” and pick the file out of the inbox.

You can also upload files directly through the browser to attach to transactions, but when they have arrived by email the “forward to magic address” workflow is much easier.

(Jay Turner) #4

This is vital!