Let Us Upload PDF Receipts

Please can you add a way to upload receipts as PDFs. This is how most receipts arrive these days. PDFs would take up less space on Monzo’s servers than photos, so win, win all round.

Hi. Welcome.

This has been suggested quite a few times.

The top one is the most popular vote wise, but not really gaining much traction either way. I wouldn’t say it’ll never happen, but I wouldn’t hold your breath!


Why not screenshot the PDF?

Yes it has. Seems to have last been suggested in 2019 but the suggestion seems to have been ignored :disappointed:.

PDFs don’t always fit on a screen. Also adding another step to the process makes it more clunky and time consuming. If I do several in a row am in going to upload the correct screenshot of the PDF to the correct item purchased? One thumbnail of half a PDF looks very similar to another. It’s fraught with disaster and doing your accounts is hard enough as it is. A simple ‘upload from file’ would be sooo much easier but the thanks for the suggestion :+1:t3:

One of the other topics mentioned a security threat as code can be embedded in a PDF (learn something everyday) so that might be why it’s never appeared.

Ah yes I see @HJay.

If I’m totally honest, the reason I barely use that feature is that I don’t totally trust Monzo not to remove the feature and lose all my receipts. I keep anything essential in a different place that’s not a button that look fragile and forgettable like the Monzo receipt feature.

Also, they’re not searchable, so v limited use for me.

But I’m not discounting your use of it. And yes, your suggestion sounds reasonable.

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Now I’ve heard it all!

I mean, sure. They can, but what a cop out.

You don’t see iCloud preventing your from storing and reading your PDFs on their servers right?

It’s an easy threat to defend against, and the risk is already quite low. If supporting this feature would jeopardise security then I’d already be doubting the integrity of their infrastructure without it. I don’t buy it.


To be fair, it wasn’t a Monzo person saying it, just one of us.

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