Add PDF receipts to transactions

Currently you can only add photo receipts, often you’re sent PDF invoices and bill statements by email so would be useful adding them to the relevant transaction, e.g. mobile phone bill etc.

Especially useful for the merchants not with flux!

Pretty simple, Quite a few online merchants and and even some offline will send a pdf receipt. Would be great is we had the ability to attach them instead of just images/photos.

PDF’s can be malicious and Monzo would need to invest in some kind of security precautions to counter that. I don’t think it’s a good idea to be able to upload/save/attach PDF receipts. It sounds convenient tho…

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I actual asked “Cocnut” business banking for this as being a sole trader thought it would be easier, didnt think about malicious code, although would be good for business banking not too fussed personal account :wink:

Yeah, I can see security issues… maybe sanitise. even just an ‘Image’ of the PDF would probably be okay.

There are code utilities for ios (surely for android too) to convert pdf to image on the device, but it would be a bit confusing to the user when he/she/zhe/etc imports PDF and ends up with image. Most users would be confused by that…i think. Just my opinion…dunno really.

Also…when saving/sending/etc the receipt afterwards it won’t yield pdf so it would make it more confusing.

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