Add email receipt to transaction

(Kristina Auckland) #1


I’d love to be able to attach an email receipt to my transaction. Currently I can only attach a photo. But a lot of my purchases are online so the receipt/invoice has been emailed.

Thanks in advance.


Apologies if this has been suggested already and I’ve missed it.

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(Dan) #2

Hello Kristina, as a workaround you could take a screen shot of the email, then attach that image. :slight_smile:

(Tristan Thomas) #3

Awesome! I remember @rdingwall did something along these lines at one of the first hackathons :slight_smile: We’d love to do it too sometime in the future :wink:

(Richard Dingwall ) #5

Hey @kaelifa this is a popular feature request, we all want it here too :smile: unfortunately there are a few technical reasons preventing this which are out of our control, I wrote about them in another earlier thread here:


But watch this space! This is a very important area to us, we’ll definitely be doing everything we can to add as much context to your transactions as possible :smiley: