Attachment file types

Hello - is there any way to allow different file types as attachments to transactions (used for adding receipts) such as PDF?

I use a scanning application (Scanbot) to save receipts and other things and it would be nice to not have to also take a photo of the receipt to attach it to a Monzo transaction.


I think this has been raised before as a security risk as you can add malicious content to a PDF that will end up being stored on Monzos servers.

Surely your scanning app can output to png or jpg?

edit: it can:

You can however save JPEG files as copies by either:

  • Choosing saving to Photos in the Workflow list, or
  • Enabling Save pages in photo library in the Advanced Settings

If not, just write a script to tell ImageMagick to convert any new pdfs in your output folder.

This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

Yes it can, but that’s extra steps for me and saving multiple copies of the same data.

Does Monzo not scan all files uploaded for malware? Malware doesn’t distinguish between any binary file type - Png jpeg tiff pdf doc are all susceptible to the same issue.

As you well know that’s not the case. There’s much more execution in a pdf than, say, a tiff.

For business accounts, I’d like to add receipts to transactions. All the electronic invoices I receive from suppliers are in PDF format. I don’t want to have to mess about running conversions.

So is there any issue with transparent conversion of your PDF upload?

Not really. But others (e.g. Sage) allow attachment of PDF. And the clie t I’m working with right now have functionality on their email system where any incoming PDF is rendered “safe” by making some (not sure what) changes to the file as it arrives but it’s still a PDF. Then you have the option to retrieve the original file if you wish.

I believe they’re just stored on an S3 bucket anyway, so no server side processing is done; literally just upload and store; then retrieve when necessary.