Ability to add an email as a receipt

(Benoit Xhenseval) #1

I’d like to be able to insert an email as a receipt rather than a picture.


(Jolin) #2

See the following thread where there is discussion of this idea:


Hmm, it seems we can add PDF’s using the API, but the app has no idea how to handle them:

It doesn’t know how to handle the preview of anything other than an image on the transaction:

(Tony, Secret Lemonade Drinker) #4

Is that because you have it set as

file_type: application/pdff

rather than

file_type: application/pdf



Hmm that was my bad typing, apologies! It doesn’t appear to work with the correct one, or x-pdf or if I lie and pretend it’s an image :stuck_out_tongue:

The API won’t actually return a signed upload url for PDF types to allow us to upload them to Monzo/AWS, only link a remote url.

    "code": "bad_request.bad_param.file_type",
    "message": "Invalid filetype",
    "params": {
        "file_type": "application/pdf"