Atm dispute

I love Monzo and think that their are fantastic however they do let themselves down.

I have had an issue with an Atm when withdrawing cash it didn’t dispense the full amount and have waited patiently 7days now to see if it has corrected itself but unfortunately not. As soon cash was dispensed I immediately counted and didnt leave the atm.

Monzo response was sorry can’t help but I have to do it myself by contact natwest. Having spoken to Natwest my understanding is that I can’t raise a case about my dispute myself my bank has to do it

Not happy


Is this the first time you’ve raised an ATM dispute?

You are correct. It is Monzo you need to dispute this with, not Natwest.

Contact Monzo again to ask that they look into it again, resupplying all the details. If Monzo don’t investigate, or refer you back to Natwest after an investigation, submit a complaint to .

If they still do not help, then you can request a letter of deadlock and go to the Financial Ombudsman Service.


Ive had a couple in the past, however they investigated it first, then they refunded me after the investigation.

The policy has recently changed and your circumstances are different as you had part of the money (and obviously we can’t see what Monzo sees) but this was a reply to someone else


If they have to investigate first I’m happy for that however just say they can’t help but go to natwest when they know they won’t be able to it is wrong.

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Hello but that wasn’t explained they just said I won’t be getting a refund I will have to go to Natwest

You need to then follow the complaints procedure, and submit a formal complaint, if you have not got a satisfactory answer.

Unfortunately, we are limited in what Monzo knows on the forums and can only guide you in a direction that can be of some help.


I have made a complaint. Thanks

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Hopefully it’s just a case of an inexperienced COP and once escalated the standard process will be followed to raise a dispute with Mastercard to get it investigated. Yes Natwest do need to get involved if it was there cash machine as they will need to provide the ATM logs and check the balance of the ATM from the transaction day but it’s up to the process to do this and not on you to chase everyone.



I left my email on last time I uploaded it

Hey @Chapuys,

I appreciate this is a route we can take, but we ask customers to speak to the ATM provider in many instances first as they may be able to process a refund much faster than we can by checking their reconciliation files.

@bjw3232, I’ve not had a look at what has happened with your case, but we would ask you to do that because of the above :point_up:

Please let us know what they may have said to you, as these disputes can take up to 8 weeks to get the money returned to you, depending on what’s happened with ATM disputes previously. Can see @Rat_au_van linked to our policy on this one, which has changed recently :+1:

If you want to DM me your email I can have a look over what’s happened to make sure we’re doing the right thing.


Yes please Beth. How do I pm you

DM sent to you :ok_hand:

Hi Beth :wave: thanks for updating us on current policy. I do think, though, that it might be worthwhile looking at it again.

I might be in the minority, but I’d usually expect my bank to pick all this up and make it easy for me. I can imagine the frustration - I recall a different situation (not related to ATMs) - but it was the institution that looked after me, took responsibility and gave me great customer service that wowed me, even though they ended up being the party at fault.

Similarly, I vaguely remember a similar situation years ago where an ATM under paid me. A quick message to my bank and I remember it being sorted within the week.


It’s another name for a letter of final response.

To take a complaint to an ombudsman service, you have had to make sure that you offered the company/bank chance to resolve the complaint. If you and the company/bank cannot agree on how to resolve the complaint you can ask for the letter of final response/deadlock stating you both disagree. Obviously, if the company/bank don’t reply you can also submit without one after 8 weeks.

When can I take my case to the Ombudsman?

You must have raised the issue with the company at least 8 weeks ago. After the 8 weeks, you can raise the issue to the relevant ombudsman. The only exception is where the company issues a deadlock letter. The deadlock letter is where the company accepts it cannot resolve your issue and will allow you to take your case early to the ombudsman.

I’m happy for anyone to correct any gaps in my knowledge!


I can appreciate that @Peter_G, we do handle these on a case by case basis and I can confirm that’s being done here.


Agreed, I think Monzo should treat these the same as a fraud case. You wouldn’t expect a customer to do all the leg work if their card was cloned, so why should they do all the work in this case?

To clarify, I’m not saying an ATM mis-dispensing is fraud, I’m just saying that it should be treated in the same way. If that means the customer is refunded immediately with fraud and then investigated then that should be the same.


Thanks, @BethS - super reassuring to hear! It’s only because we value Monzo’s fantastic customer service so highly that we care so much! :hot_coral_heart:

(I should also add that I’ve reread some of the above in more detail, and it seems to imply that this isn’t the first dispute for this user. That’s not to say that they should necessarily be treated any differently - but as I say I’m very happy that each case is treated on its merits, rather than by a blanket procedure).


As a disclaimer this is me just being interested as I’ve never experienced this. Are you using certain types of ATM to short change, I’ve literally never heard of it, or is it just bad luck? Guessing there may be some info on the GoogleVerse PS. If this did happen to me I’d go hardcore on getting a refund!

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