ATM didnt dispense cash yet taken from account

I used my account yesterday to withdraw £250 to get shopping, the notes bit opened and instantly closed again with no cash there but monzo has debited the £250 from my account. How long does it take to resolve this monzo is telling me could take up to 3 months yet says other places 7 days.

Have you reached out in the app to support?

Yeah they telling me could take 3 months to get back if atm dispute it I might never get it back.

Question for you - why did you withdraw so much? If you were spending that much on shopping, surely the retailer took card payments - which is regarded as safer right now. No judgement, just curious :slight_smile:

Once the machine is reconciled, it should get credited to your account within a few days I believe.

Was shopping and gas and electric aswell not able to use card payment for gas and electric in shop I was going to. No idea why they saying 3 months so it then :woman_facepalming:

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Typical tho I never usually withdraw that much just the one time I do that happened :sob: kept saying thank you take your cash but the bit it comes out of closed.

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There will also be a number on the atm to call

Was all scrubbed off :woman_facepalming:

I guess they are saying 3 months as a worst case to keep expectations grounded. Better to say 3 months and refund in a few days or a fortnight, than to say a week and for it to take 2 or 3

The week quoted elsewhere probably assumes the link network was used, Monzo will be using the mastercard network which may work to different timescales


Hopefully doesnt take too long then.

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It shouldn’t take more than a couple of weeks, but the three months is a worse case scenario.

Did the ATM notice that something was wrong and displayed an error or did it behave as it it was all fine?

In the former case the transaction might never actually be settled and the initial authorization will expire after ~7 days.

Just done same as it would if it had dispensed the cash. Hopefully gets sorted soon then.

In this case as long as you reached out to support it should eventually be resolved when the ATM is next refilled and they notice the issue.