Possible ATM failure marked as "pending" - how to refund?


Hello there, I am a happy Monzo user since some time and this is my first message in the forum :grin:
Basically: I was in hurry while withdrawing money from an ATM at a train station, and I did the “classic” (well, for people like me) thing of taking the card as soon as it gave it back and then running away without taking the money :frowning:
This happened 2 working days ago, on the Monzo app I see that the transaction is still marked as “pending”, which makes me think the ATM took the money back, but how can I have them credited back?
Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance!

(MikeF) #2

It will be handled automatically if it truest hasn’t gone through. Pending transactions are supposed to drop off after about 7 days or so.

If you really want some more focussed advice, however, I’d suggest a message using thre in app chat feature to see what Monzo can dig up for you.


In this particular case I suggest not asking customer support to reverse the transaction - if it did indeed go through (someone grabbed the cash just after you, etc) you’d be caught by surprise when the transaction settles one week later.

Consider the cash lost until the transaction reverses by itself after a week (well theoretically the ATM operator could still settle it way after that delay, but a week is usually a safe delay after which it’s very unlikely anyone would settle a transaction).