ATM Problem

I attempted to withdraw £50 from a Clydesdale Bank ATM, which has worked in the past with no issues. It said sorry unable to process transaction and immediately returned my card. I assumed this was a glitch and attempted to withdrawal again, again same I got same message and card ejected. Afterwards i attempted a balance check on my card - it again told me unable to process transaction and returned the card.

Thinking is was just issues with either Monzo or the ATM I took my card and left, then 10 minutes later it appeared on my Monzo statement i had withdrew £50??

Anyone else had this issue or experienced anything like this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Wow that pretty unlucky. I assume you’ve gone on chat, they should be able to recover that £50 when an ATM doesn’t dispense.

Clydesdale Bank ATM thats super rare. If you’ve previously got money out of it then a glitch I guess.

It may auto refund in a few days. (vending machines do this when stuff doesnt come out)

If not as said above talk to chat and they can help you.

Hi Dave , using the search function on the forum with “ATM dispute” gives a link to this thread previous advice was to dispute it with the ATM operators reconciliation files for a quicker result ? bit of a pain to return to the bank with the ATM , but …

Thank you for this. Although I attempted to call the bank which owns the ATM, their ATM disputes line, and they advised as I do not bank with Clydesdale bank this would be something I have to take up with Monzo?

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This is something you have to take up with monzo, and they will then dispute it on your behalf.

But the money may be auto refunded after 7 days , although I would still start a dispute straight away.

Thank you, i have already started a chat just waiting on them responding to start the dispute :slight_smile:

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The money may come back in 7 days as a auto refund but I would still get hold of Monzo throw live chat or email they should then take that up as a dispute.