ATM Didn’t Dispense Money But I Have Been Charged

Last night I tried withdrawing money from two ATMs, first one was for £101.85, the second one was for £80. I contacted you through live chat and you refunded the first transaction for £101.85 whilst you investigate, but you haven’t refunded the second transaction for £80.00. I would really like this to be refunded whilst you investigate. You are also now not responding to me via chat. Thank you.

This forum is mainly customers so live chat is the only option for support, but I expect there will be a longer wait time today due to the gambling payment processor issue.

How can you get £101.85 from an atm though?


I withdrew 100, but there was a 1.85 charge.

Ah, thanks, was really confused for a minute :grin:

I believe the policy is to refund 1 undispensed atm transaction but subsequent need to be investigated. That may have changed or I might have misremembered


You have already been refunded once with benefit of doubt and because you have a second claim within a short amount of time, it must be investigated. Once Monzo has investigated, they should refund you. As @Rat_au_van states, only in app chat can help.


Will the ATM not automatically do this, can’t it detect how much should have been dispensed vs how much was actually dispensed?

ATM’s tallie up the dispensed cash and actual cash in the machine each day. Banks can request this data to validate problems as the balance would not match up i.e. too much cash was still in the machine.

So I’ve been having some problems with a cash machine where I tried to withdraw £80 pounds yesterday evening, but it didn’t give me the money but charged my account. I spoke to someone on live chat and now they’re not responding. They said I need to wait 6 days, but I need my money as that’s all I had for the month. Can someone get back to me? Thank you

Unfortunately the forum can’t help you with this. I will flag this post up for staff to look at if any happen to be in the forum.

Generally however you need to wait 7 days so the operator of the cash machine can reconcile balances

Having already had an answer to a similar issue two days ago it’s not worth creating another thread to have the same discussion so I’ve gone ahead and merged them.