ATM didn't dispense money when I used monzo

I used monzo the past days on my holidays at gran Canaria, but today when I used an ATM machine to withdraw money the transaction was not completed and I was debited in my account. Any advise? Shall I call the local bank?


ATMs will often refund this money within 7 days when they do their reconciliation. If it’s more urgent or you don’t see the money return after 7 days, get in touch with us through the in-app chat and we can walk through the process of getting this money back. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the quick answer.
My account is already running low but I can wait for a week to see how its gonna go.

Cheers, Alex

The monzo response is a template which will go out to dozens of people every day but you should expect a refund much quicker. I sent the same query via in app chat not long ago and got the 7 days response but the money was refunded within an hour. Annoying as you either have to just wait for refund or top up to cover the missing money and then it is refunded and you have a higher balance than you wanted to hold on your monzo. Another one of those foibles which will evaporate when it’s no longer pre paid.

Why would the full current account be better in this scenario ? ATM faults will happen (very rarely)regardless of account type, some the machine will rectify itself very quickly, others will need manual intervention


'cause you don’t have the issue of topping up and managing a low balance. If I had £1250 on my current account and a £50 withdrawal failed then my balance would go down to £1200 and I would just withdraw another £50 from the next cash machine and expect a refund at some point to bring it back up. With Monzo’s pre-paid I don’t think i’m alone in keeping what I am going to spend on it, so if I plan to withdraw £50 I will have a little over £50 on it. If that gets held then I need to go back in and top up again and then when it gets refunded it is difficult to get the money back into your current account. Certainly a lot more friction than on a normal current account.

I would be interested to know what’s the procedure to dealing with this when the ATM doesn’t realise that it screwed up, and settles the transaction instead of refunding it. Who to get in touch with, and how to prove that it’s the ATM’s fault and not me secretly pocketing the money and pretending like it’s the ATM.

I’m pretty sure you raise with Monzo, Monzo raise with ATM operator. If they find evidence of an error (such as machine not balancing) then they refund.

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This happened to my now wife in Spain. She put in her Barclays debit card to withdraw €200. The machine made all the right noises but no money came out - although her account had been debited.

She phoned Barclays on the spot who asked for the machine’s location and what bank it was. They refunded her money. Then a few months later, without warning, Barclays took the money back. They said that the bank who owned the machine had investigated and said there was no fault with the machine and no discrepancy in the amount of money in it.

It wasn’t an account she used often, them taking the money back made it go overdrawn, so they added unauthorised overdraft fees and all sorts of other fees too.

She complained and they cancelled all the fees - but she never got the money the cash machine didn’t give her.

I’d imagine the risk of that sort of thing is much higher for some ATMs than others. A self fill machine (IE not filled with cash by bank but by venue) for instance

I am sorry to hear about that.
Well in my case the transaction was not completed as a message appeared ‘’ can’t process request due to technical reasons’. Probably it means there was no money.

Used a RBS ATM near Oxford Street last year. with my Nationwide debit csrd. Machine went offline just as it was stsrting to dispence cash, I even saw the edge of the notes before they retracted back into the machine.

Immediate went into the bank and reported it and phoned Nationwide. All said would get money credited whrn the ATM had been balanced.

However with RBS it takes a standard 30 days tp process the credit. Neither RBS or Nationwide were moved by my complaints and I wad £150 out of pocket for a month.

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it can actually be something more technical like the part that counts or dispenses money develops a fault. We kept getting an error on a Cashzone ATM at our local E of E Coop and they came and changed a part over.

It could actually be that there was no money. The machine can “feel” each bill as it counts them and in that case it realised the amount it thought it had wasn’t the real one (probably because whoever reloaded it told it he put in 100 bills where in reality there were less) and so it backed off and didn’t process the transaction.

Hello all.
All sorted out as I have been refunded the amount yesterday.
Thanks a lot guys for the info.


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