Android pay problem

Tried to use my phone to buy something from a charity shop but when I tried(3 times) to pay it declined and said “phone moved too fast”

Tried with my card contactless and it worked fine

Went into greggs and paid with my phone no problem

Was it likely a faulty terminal?

Either a faulty terminal or the phone wasn’t in the right position.

The chip is usually in the centre of the phone so make sure you’re holding it over the terminal in the middle of the phone.

This discussion seems to suggest it’s the terminal as they all differ.

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How dare you suggest that he searches before starting another one of his “famous” topics :roll_eyes: :rofl:


Where I used to work , every so often the terminal would say that for Google/apple pay but after rebooting the terminal it would work,

I’d guess it was a faulty terminal.

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It’s a trend.

I use CBATG a lot in some places.

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Cool thanks guys
It was an “oldish” looking terminal

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The terminals at Wilko and Co-op around here always have this problem with Google Pay on my phone, while nowhere else does

I think it’s a problem of a particular group of terminals and/or their software rather than a specific terminal

I find this sometimes with older terminals with my Pixel 2 XL, I have had situations where my phone has been sitting on top of the terminal stationary and had the “phone moved to fast warning”

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Yeah, totally this. I’m not moving it at all!

Quantum tunneling?


That takes me back. That was my second year lab project at uni many years ago!

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