Spain Mastercard Contactless EUR conversion

imageHey! I’m currently travelling around Spain at the moment.

I’ve been experiencing issues with certain card readers, using Mastercard contactless (Apple Pay). When offered would you like to pay in EUR’s or our GBP rate, the terminal touchscreen does not work… no matter how much you press.

However using a Barclays Visa for example; works absolutely fine and can select EUR via touchscreen.

Need to test some more; however same for Monzo & Starling Mastercard in multiple merchants using this style terminal (in Spain).

Anyone else experience this or know how to get around this issue / why it occurs?

The card would be crashing the terminal making it freeze on the DCC screen?

Did we just find a way to beat DCC? :smiling_imp:

Interesting… but the question is, why would it crash the terminal? Who/what’s going wrong?

The Monzo card might be somewhat “unusual” and unique compared to the rest of UK cards (though still within EMV specification), and as a result might be triggering some obscure bugs in the terminal’s software, that weren’t caught during development because the entire thing is held by duct tape and nobody working on it had any clue about proper software development practices.

This has happened before where the card not only crashed the terminal but also the computer connected to it, so I wouldn’t be surprised if a similar thing is happening here.

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