Metal card issues on TfL

Hello. Been dealing with the same issue with my Monzo metal card ever since I got it. Maybe 2/3 times out of 5, it fails to work when tapping in and out of the London Underground. I usually keep it in a little leather card holder but this happens when it’s out of it as well, it makes no difference. Then it takes me a minute or two running between different gates to try and tap every one of them until one finally works.

But this is now happening so regularly I am getting annoyed and prefer to use my Apple Pay instead. Has anyone else had this issue?

Are you always tapping the correct side of the card?

The metal front acts as a barrier to the NFC RF signals, so it can only work if you tap the back of the card.

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Yes, I always only tap the back of it, that’s how it sits in the card holder too

Is there another card in the card holder/is it near your phone with Express Transit enabled? Both could cause card clash

No, it’s the only card I have/use and it’s not near my phone. I find it very confusing as my partner has a metal card as well and doesn’t have this issue

Report it as faulty to Monzo and get a new one would be my advice.


I know it doesn’t fix your card issue, but would it not be easier to just use Apple Pay anyway? Especially with Express Travel mode, you don’t even need to unlock your phone.

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It’s what I’m currently doing anyway, just hoped there’d be a fix for the card