Android pay problem

Had this error few times. Moved no Samsung Pay… no problems so far.
Unfortunately Monzo don’t support Samsung Pay :frowning:

Contactless limit is £45 not £40

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Happened again in tesco, turned NFC off then back on and it worked.
Same in Gregg’s, failed first time then tried again and it worked.

Either my case is too bulky and blocking the NFC slightly or I’m used to the iphone where the NFC is right at the top on the rear ( I’m sure I read that new Samsungs have the NFC further down ? )

That’s for the s10 plus anyway

If I tap my Barclays debit card to my phone it senses it. It I try my monzo nothing happens however from experience my monzo card has a weak NFC chip as it would take longer to pay at the terminals before I had google pay

Tried in the newsagent this time holding the whole phone to the terminal ( not just the top part ) and no problem

This isn’t because the chip is weaker, but because of how Monzo handles payments compared to other banks (I.e. Online transactions vs offline).

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Just an update.

Had the phone a few weeks now and no problem with the NFC in shops

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Can anyone figure this out? It’s supposed to show the beam for NFC on the A series galaxy phones .

I get the left diagram but not the right

Do you guys actually tap the terminal In store or do it completely contactless ?
Some terminals seem stronger than others

Left shows the area of touch (coloured area), right shows the depth/distance within which the scanner will communicate with the phone (also the coloured area)

These will be typical areas,/depths, not accurate ones.

No need to touch/tap the terminal - just hover above it for a second or two.


Ok thanks. The NFC field is different from the iPhone 7 where it’s right at the top. The A21s seems slightly lower down

Some terminals seem stronger than others , tesco being quite weak

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I don’t know about those phones, but it sometimes seems that my iPhone X just needs to be in the same room as the terminal sometimes. Whereas my iPhone 6 seemed to need to be rubbed into the terminal to work.

Possible exaggeration there, but there was definitely a difference.

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Yeah same as my 7 then.
Samsung is slightly stronger beam but not 100% reliable unless slight contact is made. The newer terminals seem fine though

If I hover my phone above my debit card it detects it consistently

I do have a bulky case which I’m assuming slightly affects it

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Ok fixed it.

Disable battery optimisation for google pay
Hold the phone a few inches from the terminal and no problem


Interesting ,

I would have thought NFC is running all the time and then it wakes up the payment provider which is usually Google pay.
Unless pay is failing to wake quick enough.

Anyhow glad it’s sorted.

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Yeah could be. Or less power goes to NFC when optimisation is on, making it weaker.
Others have said doing this has fixed it for them too.
Could also be I wasnt holding the phone to the terminal right as the sensor is in a completely different place on the Samsung

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Bravo on coming back to post the solution. Not enough people do that.