Card declined greggs

Most likely problems on their end. Did you get a notification on your phone straight away? If you got it a while later it’s probably a network problem on their end.

Nothing on my phone, the terminal just said transaction declined

I mean for the chip and pin payment? Was the notification on your phone delayed?

The transaction hasn’t appeared in my monzo yet which is odd


You asked a similar question here with Greggs :man_facepalming: . The same answers apply to this situation too:

That was a charity shop not greggs

Yeah so it’s a problem on their end. They would have manually authorised the Chip and PIN payment on their end and the money will leave your account within a day or two.

Why would that matter? It’s the same issue and we explained everything to you there as well. Have you forgotten?

You also said:

So Greggs was involved :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

We have this issue with contactless payments when our network/internet is slow/intermittent. We can manually authorise Chip and PIN payments which are processed a while later but contactless will fail.

Someone at Monzo can probably explain what’s happening better :man_shrugging:

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Card declined and " moved too fast" are two different problems


They’re both the same. That’s what everyone is trying to tell you.



Haha not arguing just trying to stop it being a repeat discussion of the other question the OP asked :smiley:

Fair enough if he has forgotten about it. He has created over 200 topics :scream:


Just wanted to check if it was a problem on my end that’s all thanks

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Considering the woman in the shop said the above, I think it’s safe to say it’s not a problem at your end :slight_smile:


Fair enough
I thought maybe mastercard were having a problem.
Contactless worked fine in boots so no problem

Rule of thumb to apply next time you have an issue like this: if there’s nothing on your phone, it’s a problem with the payment terminal and not with your Monzo account.


So… Are you going to post a new thread for every different type of shop that this issue happens on?

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Its not doing any harm is it ? If you dont like my posts then dont bother replying and wasting time :crazy_face: