Contactless range

My Monzo card seems to need to right on top of a contactless terminal in order to work. I end up moving around until it is detected by the PoS. My other cards from other banks work from a good centimeter or two away from the device.

Is this the same for everyone is my card duff…?

Mine has the same/very similar range to other contactless cards I’ve used. If it persists when using different payment terminals in different shops I’d raise it with the in-app chat - they might suggest sending you another card.


I’m getting the same thing here - new to Monzo (September 2018), kinda feels slow or lacking range. The contactless experience doesn’t feel as good as VISA cards from Halifax.

I find it varies a lot depending on the card machine used. Some I have to press it against the screen whereas others it’s a good inch or two away and it works.

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I’ve found with some machines I have to hold my phone a couple of cm away for it to work otherwise the terminal errors and my phone says that it was moved too fast.

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Second this. I don’t see any difference between my Monzo card and my Barclaycard, but it’s defintely different from machine to machine.

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I am seeing the same as most comments. Little difference between other cards but some machines are clearly able to read cards further away than others.

I haven’t noticed any difference with various cards, as tend to touch them on the reader anyway.

I have noticed a difference between the iPhone 6s and the iPhone X, however. Seems the iPhone X just needs to be in the same room :joy: