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I have been having issues of late when paying contactless, I know (and appreciate) monzo security in asking me to pay chip and pin after a certain amount of uses but the last 2 times being this has happened the vendor o am paying has been delayed in informing me and both times I have exited the shop and been called back for a declined payment, this is getting embarrassing, could monzo inform prior to usage that my next payment will require chip/pin to avoid me being chased down the road by shop staff!

Hi Sparky - welcome.

There is an on-screen notification of the requirement to use chip & pin for your next Monzo contactless transaction. It does seem to appear only briefly.



as a shop worker, you should always wait till you get the ok or
transaction completes on self service.

people just tap and go - but contactless is not that quick.
you tap card then - then the card says ok or ask bank. if it says ask bank like all monzo card transactions do then the system will check with bank (Monzo) and only then do you get a YES or NO


Also, just to add:-

Using contactless don’t mean you have paid. A decline can happen for a variety of reasons, including: Mastercard network is down, balance is too low, security (in the cases you describe), an error on the terminal.

You shouldn’t walk away from a terminal after tapping until you see it say “Approved”. Until that point, you can’t know for sure whether you’ve paid or not.


I don’t understand the people who just walk away, until that terminal says it’s gone through you stay right there. I’ve had it before at a place I work and people start to walk away so I just said erm excuse me don’t go anywhere yet we’re still waiting for your payment to go through, it’s always nice to see the look on their face :rofl:

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I walked away both times because the shop assistant stated that’s fine and so I went, the discord is between monzo declining and the vendors software having a time lapse not me being an ignoramus

I always wait until my phone kerchings and the till responds.

So many people just leave quickly assuming the nod or confirmation without that phone/till notification.

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I paid for some shopping a few weeks ago with my Starling card, via contactless, got a receipt and everything… yet it still took 3 days for the amount to even be acknowledged in my app. For the whole weekend I thought I might have been getting my shopping for free…

So even if everything looks legit at the time it might not be…

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Then take it up with the shop then, if that person on the till says yeah that’s fine without actually checking then it’s down to the shop and not Monzo

At the end of the day it part of the rules of banking that everyone needs to comply with. If the shop staff are being lax in their checking or in allowing people to leave too early, the banks can’t really do a lot about it unfortunately.

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I’ve been having all sorts of problems with contactless saying ‘declined’ and nothing on the monzo app stating why. I just use Android Pay where possible these days because I don’t trust the card any more.

The tills don’t say the pin is required, they just decline, and until they’re all updated to handle contactless+pin it’s a poor experience both for the customer and shop worker. There needs to be a way to pre-authorise using the pin or something to avoid this.

If pin was required it would say in the app

Sounds like the transaction isn’t making it as far as Monzo


The monzo app occasionally says ‘please use chip and pin’ but often just says ‘declined’ with no reason given, which isn’t helpful.

Most likely was processed offline for some reason.

I bought a beer and crisps on a aeroplane last summer just after I turned 18 and it took 4 days for it to show up in monzo.

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I use various banks and different card types and have found that some of the terminals make a double beep sound when the pin requirement is active. It depends on the terminal though because not all of them are audible. You’re probably best sticking with your phone where possible as it least you know whats going on then!

I couldnt figure it out to be honest… the contactless transaction was in Iceland, and then about 10 mins later I used my pin in tesco and the same thing happened… Wasnt sure who was to blame, the processor, Starling, the merchant… nothing made sense for the whole weekend

In Sainsburys today with contactless I got a “put card into reader” - or words to that effect message on the POS terminal and this notification in app on iOS version 3.40.0 #648

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Aldi ones have done this for a while now, will be better once all shop terminals get the updates to display the same

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