Adding Home Address When Making Account

Issue: Trying to add my studio flat’s address to make a new account, but it shows that “we can’t find your address” when using my postcode. I live in a private student housing where not all floors have the same postcode, and there is no option for just the building either when I try and use the postcode for the building instead of my specific flat.

OS - Android 11
Device - OnePlus Nord CE
App Version - 3.98.1

Hi. Welcome.

If your postcode isn’t showing then you cannot create an account. Someone else had this issue and found a rather long-winded work around.

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Does your flat’s address show up when you do a postcode search on the Royal Mail’s website at ? If it does, does the postcode then show up when you do a search on the street name?

If either of those two fail, then you’ll need to contact your landlord to have them contact the local council and Royal Mail (or, in the case of a new development, the building company to tell Royal Mail that the address(es) are now active/live) to update the Postcode Address File which is used by loads of companies such as Monzo.

The post linked above provides details in full as to what someone else had to do, to finally get an account opened.