Your spending screen rounding off figures


I’ve seen this being mentioned in bug reports before but can’t find any follow up. Are these figures going to stay as rounded off amounts? I’m finding it incredibly confusing and continually having to check that the correct amounts have indeed been deducted. I know a few people liked it but to me every penny counts and I’m not enjoying the discrepancy in spending figures.


You are not losing any penny. The correct amount would be deducted from all your transactions. :slight_smile: Rounding off the figure makes sense, as this page is only meant to give you an idea for you spending. Being able to know that you spent 34p more on a category with a few hundred or less is not going to help you understand your spending more. This way, it’s much cleaner and easier to read. If you would like more detail, you can always tap on it. And if you need the total, you can use the Search to show you the exact total amount. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I understand that it’s “probably” correct but it doesn’t stop my OCD need to check! Perhaps over time I’ll learn to accept it.