Rounding up Pots/Spending

Hi, I’ve just got Monzo and have transferred a very small amount of money whilst I play around with the app. Love it so far but on the summary page, the savings pot totals are rounded up, so not totally accurate?

It gives my total pots as £9 when in fact I only have £8 saved because the 2 pots with £2.50 are showing as £3? Is this normal?

I spent £12.70 in a pub before but in my summary, it has again been rounded up to £13 spent under ‘Entertainment’? I do not have the ‘round up’ feature activated anywhere. Is this just how the app works or is there a way to get more accurate figures, to the pence, not just the pound?

Yes, that’s how it works. If you want an accurate figure, open the pot/account/transaction. I personally think it’d make the view substantially messier if exact figures were shown on summary, but I can appreciate that different people may feel differently.