Android - Rounding of spending categories

I’ve noticed in one of the recent Beta updates on the Android app, all of the amounts in the spending section have been rounded down. I can’t even see the correct figure if I go into the detail view.

I find this highly irritating as I rely on an exact figure to track my expenses. I can’t just file “£xx.00”, I need to provide the exact amount, and therefore would need to add up everything separately. My current workaround is to use the Monzo API, but this is obviously not ideal.

I hope Monzo is not going in the direction of making things looks nice, over making things work well. I’m still a big fan of the app for sticking to the Android look & feel, and being very solid otherwise.

I think a good solution would be to put the exact amount in the detail screen on the right side of the Toolbar, or as a subtitle in the toolbar which can collapse when you scroll.


I definitely agree. It’s irritating as it’s reflecting inaccurate amounts. I get that it looks neater, but as you said, it’s comprising functionality for looking nice.
Monzo, please change this! :heart:

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This is still an issue and also present on iOS.

+1 on this. Just went to move leftover holiday spend to other pots and expected to see an accurate figure when i clicked on the category. The data is obviously all there so it must be a conscious choice