Roundup bug


I’m currently with starling but decided to sign up to monzo too to test it out and see what the UI was like and the information provided.

I transferred the exact amount for a purchase (£3.58) big spender. The transaction went through fine but then I spotted an error in the transaction data. It showed the transaction amount as £3.58 but the total as £4.00 like it had rounded up into the enabled coin jar.

With me transferring the exact amount it would have been impossible to round up. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this?

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On the main feed or the spending tab?
It’s supposed to be accurate on the main and rounded on the spending tab


It’s in the spending tab. 1 transaction of £3.58 but the total shows as £4. There was only ever £3.58 transferred.

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So the same as the other thread I linked to?

It does make no sense for 1 transaction but it’s there to give a general idea over the course of a week or month.

I like it :slightly_smiling_face:


Seems a bit daft to me to state I’ve spent more than I actually have.

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But if you have more transactions some are rounded up and some are rounded down so it evens up over the month.

If you want accurate information just click on the category and you get the real figure
(On iOS anyway, if you’re android I don’t know if it’s the same)

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@Rat_au_van’s advice is spot on - tap on the category, and it shows you the exact value (both on Android and iOS). if the Decimal part is below .5, it rounds it down - otherwise, it gets rounded up.


This kind of feels like a bug to me.
A new user could have one transaction in a few categories and they’d all be showing a different amount from the actual spent amount.

Maybe spending should say rounded?


Monzo CS say they do round up, I’m not a fan. If I’ve spent £3.58 I’ve spent £3.58 not £4. And they only do it in merchants.

(Dannii) #11

Are you expecting to roundup to say £3.60 and not the full £4?

Or am I completely confused?


No, I transferred £3.58 from starling to test it out so I wouldn’t expect it to round up at all.

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I don’t really care at all that it’s not exact… It’s such a small difference :yum:

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It struck me as odd when I first noticed this. I’d expect a higher degree of accuracy from a bank.

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I guess you may not have expected it, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is the way it’s supposed to work and has worked since day 1 of the prepaid card (OK, I wasn’t there quite on day 1…).

There’s been discussion on the topic before, I think, and this is the way it’s intended to be - a summary of your monthly spending to the nearest £1 in each category.


If that’s the case and people are happy with it then that’s all good, for me it just feels a bit wierd to have these tools that help you budget and manage your money but it doesn’t tell you the correct amount without another tap. For someone new to monzo and used to starling this just feels wrong.