Different amounts shown in the app

Hello all.

I have just recently joined Monzo and started using my card. I tried to buy sometime off ebay and had a problem which was soon sorted by using the chat app. My second purchase went through fine.

The only thing that has come up is if I click on the shopping tab it shows my two successful purchases I have made. The second one from e-bay says it is £4 with two transactions. If I click on it it shows the person I bought the item off £3.75 and then it also shows e-bay for £0.00.

The total of the transaction was £3.75 and that is all that has come up out of my account but I was just wondering why it shows £4 in the shopping tab.


The spending tab round everything up to the nearest £ making the figures more ‘neat’


This happens as category totals are rounded to the nearest £1 on that screen. The $0 eBay transaction is an active card check but the current accounts don’t list those in the same way as the Beta cards did just yet. :slightly_smiling_face:


It just rounds it up to the nearest pound for the summary display.


I did think it might be that but I thought I would check to make sure it was all working correctly.

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I’ve found in the spending section it has always rounded up to the nearest pound for the categories. I’m sure there was a technical reason why somewhere in the forum…