You might have had problems with Monzo yesterday. We've fixed the issue and everything should be back to normal

A full review of what happened is coming soon too :pray:


I’m looking forward to the full run-down of what happened :slight_smile:


Hi there, my app is still not working. Any idea what I can do to get it back ?

Have you tried deleting and reinstalling it recently?

As mentioned, please delete the app and reinstall. If that doesn’t work, please get in touch over twitter/phone and we’ll help you out. Really sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks for the quick replies! Tried that and it worked, thank you!


My “kerching” sound has gone from my Android phone. Still working on IOS.
I need it working on Android. It’s the only way I know of transactions without having to always open the app.
If you have removed it because some users don’t like it, at least make it so it can be “on” or “off”

My android phone (Beta Q, Monzo beta 2.58.0) just kerching’ed 90 seconds ago following an online purchase.

Which Android phone & OS is it?

Looking forward to the full analysis on this. Working in tech myself totally appreciate these things happen. Thanks for being so honest and open about it :+1:

The most concerning part to me was that the support system (chat and phone) went down. I would’ve thought support to be managed by a 3rd party or at the very least have a failover in place.

It’s an Huawei honor 10 and OS is 9.0.0

It was working until the app update the other day.

My Monzo app is the “normal” one from the Play Store 2.58

Assuming your phone is not set to silent, do you get any Monzo notifications following any Monzo action (Monzo icon showing in the top status bar)?

If you don’t, it is likely to a notification setting. Check all notifications are on (allowed for Monzo app)
If you do get notifications, but no sound, then it is likely to be a sound setting.

I’m not familiar with the Honor 10 OS skin so I can’t say how exactly to access the notification/sound settings. On stock Android you long press the Monzo app icon to get the shortcut pop-up, then tap on the circled ‘i’ to display the Monzo App Info. Select Notifications then ensure each required notification is on.

For the sound, access the Monzo App Info/Notifications as above and tap on each notification type then tap on ‘Advanced’, then check the sound is set to ‘App provided sound’

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Many thanks for all your help, unfortunately I could still not get it working. Long press on the icon gives me a popup for “Remove, send money and pay” . I went into settings on phone and app but could not find anything out of the ordinary.
In desperation, I uninstalled and reinstalled and voila, it is now working again.
Really missed that Kerching.

The failover seems to have failedover

And the pump don’t work as the vandals took the handles

Looking forward to the more detailed breakdown of the information. Having a bit of a sniff around, sounds like this is going to be rather involved one

Don’t follow leaders, watch the parkin’ meters :+1::joy:

Sage advice

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I have heard from one of my friend that you run just single (One) kubernets cluster for whole of Monzo Apps in your Production :slight_smile: not sure if that’s really true but that sounds like very bad option for your Prod environment :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the community

Unfortunate that your first post leads with an (as yet) unsubstantiated smear of the Monzo approach to reliability


I’ve heard from one of my friends that Monzo run as many as 78 (seventy eight) kubernets clusters (whatever they might be).

Does that allay your fears somewhat?


Now now, speculation helps nobody :wink: