App Notification sound is painful

Does anyone else find the app Notification sound really high pitched and hard on the ears? I don’t want to block notifications, but I can’t listen to that.

Do you know if Monzo ever reads these feedback comments?

EDIT: I’ve just sent an email to the app address. Maybe if they get enough complaints they’ll change it.

I would love it if we had a range of sounds to pick from. I agree with you, something smoother and more modern/cool would be appreciated.


I’ve just been on Chat with Monzo. They say they’ll pass on the complaint to the app design department, but I don’t know if anything will happen.

On some phones you can turn off the notification sounds for certain apps, but not on mine, unfortunately.

What phone have you got?

Xperia Z3

I’d have this entire track as my payment notification sound if I could :rofl:


Lol that is brilliant

IMAGINE :rofl::rofl::rofl:


But in all seriousness a few sound options would be great.

Gets a vote from me :+1:t3:


I’m assuming you guys a talking about ios as android you can have custom sounds for incoming and outgoing payments.


Yeah, if you’re on Android you can change it to whatever you want via the Android OS notification settings.

I do think the default sounds could do with some rework though.

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