✅ [Android] Instead of the usual cha-ching, it went “Hi, I’m Emma and I have a Monzo Card”

Issue: I received a transfer, and instead of the usual cha-ching, it went “Hi, I’m Emma and I have a Monzo Card”

Details to reproduce: Receive money I assume
OS: Android
Device: Huawei P20 Pro
App Version: Latest Android Beta with the New Monzo Look (The one currently being done)

Screenshots: None, it was an audio thing

This has already been reported in the below topic, and here is the response from Monzo:


Hey everyone!

Thanks for reporting!

We pushed a new build to the beta channel today which should fix this.


How long should a new beta build take to appear in the Play Store?

I think this is my favourite bug ever :joy:


Started happening to me like yesterday xD god it’s so fucking weird, amusing though :joy::joy:

Pixel 2
Android P


It has been fixed in the latest version, make sure your app is up to date :slight_smile:

Not fixed in the latest stable version.

I just got a card refund through while listening to Spotify in the car, highly bemusing for my passengers :grinning:

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Ahh ok, I must be on the beta but at least the fix has been done.

It has got a tick in the topic title so it must be landing on the stable version soon :slight_smile:

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Silly/strange question, but why is the sound sample being included in the app? It’s only going to be used perhaps once per customer (not even once per app install) so why not download it on demand during the signup flow (or have a ‘play’ button which just streams it from the server)? Just thinking of app bloat etc.

I think the next Android OS has a feature where developers can set parts of their apps to uninstall when certain actions have been performed.
(eg: uninstall the new user screens after someone has signed up.)

Maybe that’s got sometime to do with it.

Working fine now after today’s update!

Is there anyway to get this bug on iOS? Err, asking for a friend?


We’ve now published a blog post all about this bug! (And how we fixed it…)

So long, Emma! :wave: