My ker-ching isn't working!

I’ve checked the notifications for the app in my settings and all looks ok (Samsung S6)

Anyone had this issue?

Can you try uninstalling and reinstalling to see if that fixes it please?

I had the same thing dude…I had to go to battery setting and opt for never close monzo.think it’s under optimisation

That sorted the problem out for me

I haven’t got that setting on my phone :thinking:

Every phone has got setting under battery to optimise every single app

In Settings- Battery - Battery Optimisation

Mark the Monzo account as “not optimized”.

You may need to repeat this each time the app updates.

Can’t see a battery optimisation but there is a list of unmonitored apps allowed to use power? I ticked Monzo on this list but still no kerching

U want monzo to use power…also go to your monzo setting and tick the notification box

Transaction and payment box should have a blue tick


Thank you but they are both ticked

Then only way try uninstalling and installing it back on