WWDC 2018, iOS 12, macOS 10.14

But for payments please. That will open the floodgates for likes of Barclays to replace Apple Pay with their own inferior crappy implementation.

I doubt they would allow other payment types not with Apple Pay, it would be for things like door entry systems etc.

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Seconded. It seems a great number of people (very few of whom actually own/use an iPhone X) see the notch as eating into screen space, whereas I think it’s more valid to see it as the ‘ears’ providing additional screen space.

I actually quite like it to be honest, and some apps such as Hallide have come up with quite novel uses for the space the ears provide

Back on topic, my big Wishlist is:

  1. Notifications improvements.
    • This didn’t really feature for me until I got a Nexus 7 to take home from work and found Android’s handling really handy.
  2. Greater liberation of SiriKit.
    • I’m not sold on the Skills ecosystem that Alexa provides (I think it’s a bit like the Apple Watch at this point, things will be tried but only a few core domains will remain once the buzz has deadened), but I wish my HomePod could use iPlayer Radio and I know that there’s a huge portion of the potential market who won’t even go near it without Spotify support.
  3. ApplePay Cash
    • Not sure how useful this would be given 98% of my P2P payments are via Monzo(.me) but I just love the hologram effect they’ve added with motion.
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So there’s rumours flying about that 10.13.5 hasn’t been released and won’t be until WWDC because theres code that references a new MacBook Pro :eyes:

I’d like to see a huge leap in advancement in Siri – it needs to at minimum on par with Google Assistant.

I’d also like to see Apple either bring content of their own or announce deals for Apple TV. Americans have Hulu, DirectTV NOW etc. :frowning:

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What this 10.13.5? :eyes:


Not the golden master :wink:

That will never happen. Apple simply don’t have the data.

Google has been collecting data that feeds into Assistant’s capabilities for over a decade.

If they worked really hard, in 3 or 4 years they could probably make something that’s as good as Google Assistant is right now. By that time, Google Assistant will have advanced so much that Siri wouldn’t even be seen as a competitor.


I’m hoping for more NFC access. Our custom Access Control system could do with some iPhone goodness

@simonb unfortunately your probably right. I wonder what John Giannandrea who used to work for Google could bring. :thinking:

I’m sure he can implement a better strategy, but it will still take them years to even get to the point that Google is at right now. Dominant products like iPhones are one thing. Maybe people will put up with how terrible Siri is just to keep using iPhones.

But the competition is in upcoming products, and particularly smart devices like voice assistants, and Google is winning on that front. Shipments of Google Home just overtook Echo devices, even with Amazon’s two year head start - and I think we all know that nobody is buying HomePods.

Apple get a cut from Google for being on Safari, they could drop that for the use of plugging Siri in to Google whilst they develop better.


Agree with this, it goes back to when Apple launched their own version of maps.
It was awful when it launched and still is in comparison to google! Night and day in my eyes. Google have been collecting data for years and years. Apple just can’t get that sort of info overnight and it’s not really going to be able to keep up. I mean they still don’t even have street view let alone common merchants and roads listed correctly in my area. I always stick to google maps.

Personally I very rarely use Siri. What it does, it does good but it doesn’t do masses. My house is full of Alexa devices now.

Back on topic:
To add to my WWDC wish list I’d like google maps to become native to the iPhone again :grin: I know it will never happen.
Maybe we will see the launch of that air power charger thing announced back when the iPhone X was launched.

Apple have been driving round for ages collecting street data and using drones to get overhead shots for their maps for ages now, I reckon something might be mentioned at the WWDC.

I also think it might be better then Google :open_mouth:

That air power charger thing announced back when the iPhone X was launched.

I completely forgot about AirPower, plus the wireless charging AirPod case… :thinking:


This is one area that I, oddly, want Apple to be more “Google-like”.

I love that Apple value privacy (to an extent), but I would like an option to allow them to use my data how Google do to improve on Siri. If you don’t want to opt in to this then great, but I want a Siri that knows and has my data.


I like how google asks you to confirm merchant opening hours etc if it knows you’ve been there. It’s helpful if you want to opt in.
The biggest issue for Apple is they aren’t a search company so this type of thing isn’t ever going to be their strong point at least for the forseeable future.

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The problem with Apple is that its online services are dreadful. Apple do hardware well and macOS and iOS are pretty decent and that is it. Compare the iCloud services to many offered by its competitors and they are still very 2008. If they can’t make better services, they need to buy them with all that spare cash. It took me almost 3 years to update Apple Maps, when it was launched, that a road next to my house had been closed at the end for almost 10 years previously.


Not to mention iCloud.com is just so, so, so, so, SO bad.

I would happily use iCloud email if it was anywhere near as good as Gmail.

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I have been an icloud email user since the @mac.com days. I agree the web app 100% needs a refresh in terms of design and functionality. Bloody Gmail can now predicatively finish the email for you haha.