Apple WWDC 2020

I have not seen a thread about WWDC for 2020, it will be interesting to see what is released this year!

There is also an iOS/Mac app you can download to get further involved with WWDC.

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I’m definitely be watching. I’m looking forward to seeing what iOS 14 (or iPhoneOS 14) has In store as well as WatchOS.

It’s a shame the recent leaks point to no new hardware as I was looking toward to the new iMac and AirTags :disappointed_relieved:


I’m interested in iOS 14 and and any new macOS.

It will be interesting if they do announce any rumoured ARM Mac’s and what developers need to do to convert apps to that platform. I guess they could build a Intel ‘Rosetta style’ emulator like during the transition from PowerPC to Intel to start with.

I’m watching. Nothing wow so far: the iPhone is becoming more like Android (a good thing); the iPad has some nice handwriting recognition stuff but nothing that makes be want to buy one. Currently on the Apple Watch.

I’m just waiting for the OS X and the Mac line, especially any news on moving from Intel x86 to Arm processors…


I think so far I’ve only liked the iOS widgets on the home screen and the improvements to Siri and Translate. This feels like the tock of Apples ‘tick tock’ development cycle (tick = new, tock = refine).

It being prerecorded also feels a little stale IMHO. I hope something more interesting come along.

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Nice privacy stuff, showing how apps are accessing or sharing your data.


Anyone else finding watching this a bit like having a sugar high? Pace is a bit fast, everyone overly perky and smiling just that little bit too much…


Massive OS X update, apparently…

macOS Big Sur

It looks like a wider UI change and a merger of the UI between iOS and Mac.

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Not quite as radical as billed…

Nice, but looks visually iterative rather than anything fundamentally new.

Is that a new iMac he’s using or am I not up to speed on what the back of iMacs look like? :thinking:

It has been rumoured but it feels the slow merger of the platforms, which the potential move to ARM will help.

Thats the new Mac Pro desktop monitor. Costs about the same as a car for everything with that desktop.


Dear Craig,

Please stop wandering. Please take a breath. And you don’t have to grin all the time.

Peter G.

Really doubling down on security and privacy this year…

I actually think this new format works better than the usual keynotes! I love how fast paced it is, announcement after announcement. This would easily be 3 hours plus if it was in front of an audience with pauses and applause etc.


Transition to ARM announced.

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Let’s see some benchmarks of Apple silicon vs x86 please!

Rosetta 2 announced :sweat_smile:


Virtualization? Cool!

I wonder if you’ll still be able to run Windows? Or if Microsoft will be optimising an ARM version of Windows for the Mac?

Edit: native iOS apps!

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