iOS 16

iOS 16 Megathread

So we’re on release 2 of the developer beta, and the public beta is likely to be with us next week.

Discuss :joy:


My only discussion… Chat muted :sweat_smile::rofl:


Open that doorway to hell Dan :joy:

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The wallpaper/focus is what Im most looking forward to - the live activities is appealing but is often americanised and useless for me! Being able to delete messages after I have pressed send is handy it means I’ll say sorry less!

I wonder if it’ll tell them you unsent it like Facebook does. Then it’ll leave people paranoid.

However they might have even read the text but not opened it so unsending it will look worse.

Edit: it’ll probably only work on iMessage. I can’t imagine it with working with texting a regular phone.


Now you’ve got highway to hell stuck in my head!

I haven’t been following the iOS 16 news that closely, but I’m looking forward to getting stuck in to iOS 16 too :joy:


If it does I’m gonna have a lot of fun winding the OH while she’s at work :joy:



I quite enjoy iOS 16, been really smooth for me (we don’t talk about HSBC/first direct).

Home Screen looks much better, I like the notifications at the bottom and the way you can scroll them up for better visibility etc.

Wish there were more widgets available from developers but that’ll come eventually.

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Does Duo work? :joy:

This is the first year I’ve not had a developer account and waiting for the public betas is like waiting for paint to dry :man_facepalming:


Yeah works fine, that was my first worry :joy:

Someone shared a link for iOS beta profiles without a developer account. No idea how to find it :expressionless:

Laziness took over.

It’s here

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I hope not! :rofl:


I can’t wait to try it. I’ve forgotten most of the new features beyond the Apple Watch style home screen complications so it will all be a nice surprise :laughing:

Yes, it’s iMessage only. You’ll also be able to edit texts that you’ve already sent.

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public beta is likely to be with us next week

I hope so! Been patiently waiting for the public beta

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I feel the thickness of the numbers on the Lock Screen might get a negative reaction. The rest is grate….

Timers now show on the Lock Screen.


Is it not changeable?

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I am enjoying the Dev Beta 2 so far

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I quite like the larger numbers!


Looks like it is: iOS 16: How to Change the Clock Style on Your iPhone Lock Screen - MacRumors

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