Wrong Name Under Logo

This has changed to Gala Bingo, they all have

I don’t go to Gala Bingo lol

App: 1.9.25 (368)
iPhone 8
iOS 11.25 (15D60)

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HVe you reported the location through the app?

I will point out only iPhone users can report merchant data problems… Not sure if OP has Android, but those of us with Android aren’t able to report issues.

OP is a well known iPhone user :wink:

Welcome back @anon72173902


Also says in the post that it’s iPhone.

Yeah… I’m blind this morning. Somehow I read the whole post and didn’t see that LOL.

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Coz I edited it after :wink:


Hello :smiley:

I don’t want to derail Danny’s bug report, but Android users can report issues, it’s just a manual process.

Further discussion on this should probably take place on that thread, though. :wink: