Reporting merchants not accepting Monzo cards

There needs to be a better way to report merchants that don’t accept Monzo cards! Twice I’ve used the in-app to report it and it’s like pulling teeth! Support don’t have a clue and because they can’t see the failed transaction do nothing. Both and ebay’s own payment gateway refuse Monzo BIN numbers but nothing gets done about it.

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There’s a blog post and discussion here

I agree that there should be some alternative method of reporting. Even something like a simple webform would be a start.


That’s fine but when you try to give support they’re asking for in that post they don’t listen and tell you you’re probably putting in the details wrong. It infuriates me.

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I get your point, but I suspect that incorrect details is a common occurrence. Even experienced people make mistakes.

My credit card wouldn’t work on a website recently. I called Nationwide and they said I’d put the wrong expiry date in three times. It happens to the best of us.

I think reporting in app is probably the way to go. Preferably with screenshots of decline messages. This isn’t to say that Monzo can necessarily fix it, I guess they can only flag it to the merchant or to MasterCard.

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Yeah I’m sure that is commonly the case and support are busy but after screenshots and all the information they would need, I felt they couldn’t care less their customers couldn’t use their service in parts. I get that it’s hard work to get merchants to update their bin number lists. I previously worked with a Debenhams cards and getting 3rd party’s to update bin lists was horrendous. I think a form is the way to go then you’re not wasting supports time who can’t do anything, then payment services can work with merchants or MasterCard to resolve issues.

Email :slight_smile:

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Thanks Jack! I’ll do that in future.

You can also report direct the MasterCard:

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