Issues with Merchant Data

(Karim) #1

Hey… from the CA in-app help page it seems we should not report merchant data issues at this point right? Why is that? are the merchant data between CA and prepaid card not linked?
Also I found at least one transaction where the prepaid card has logo/correct name and CA displays the “raw” merchant name. Is this expected?

Transaction screen details - maps
(Alex Sherwood) #2

Here’s the full text, does the section that I’ve highlighted leave you unsure about the reason at all?

So yes, issues with merchant data are expected & shouldn’t be reported.

(James Smith) #3

I expect it is because there are only a small number of people on the CA customer support currently, and their focus is on performance/technical issues at the moment.

(James Smith) #4

A little uncalled for Alex

(Alex Sherwood) #5

To add to that - issues with the merchant data for the prepaid card are still being corrected. So I assume that the message means that those changes will be merged with the data from the current account app in the future.

(Karim) #6

Ok fair enough, but my other part of the question is why is the merchant data in CA and Prepaid not already the same? I would expect that if merchant data is already correct (logo and name) for a given merchant in prepaid it should be automatically working in CA as well. Unless these are completely different sets of data, which would be a bit non intuitive.

(Alex Sherwood) #7

I don’t know the answer to that I’m afraid. It’s obviously not a completely new dataset because the data would be much more patchy if it was.

There’s several pieces of functionality in the CA app that don’t work the same way as the prepaid app. I assume that, that’s because of the transition from the 3rd party services to Monzo’s in house software.

This isn’t the final version of the CA app so I just expect these sorts of gaps at the moment. The important thing is that the final version has the full merchant data & it will :slight_smile:

(P Burrows) #8

this comment has a very unnecessary attitude. If I spoke to a customer like this i would get a disciplinary.

(Herp Derp) #9

Lucky he is not a Monzo staff member then lol

(P Burrows) #11

Yeah but still a representative of Monzo. a random on the forum saying something like this is one thing, someone who has a role leading a forum for monzo shouldnt be making comments like that.

(Alex Sherwood) #12

I’m sorry to hear that a couple of people have misinterpreted my question. It was sincere - if Karim had pointed out anything that he was unsure about from the text, I’d have been happy to try to explain it.

And I genuinely believed that the text answered Karim’s question.

As always, please focus on the content of other user’s posts, rather than the tone.

If you believe that a post does not meet the community guidelines, you can DM the user who wrote the post, flag it or DM a member of the team.

(Herp Derp) #13

Not a representative of Monzo either, just a guy that makes sure the forum runs fine and answers questions like all of us do

(Karim) #14

Yeah agreed it did sound a bit smart ass (just stating the obvious instead of the actual question of “why”)! But I have seen loads of contributions from Alex (since since he did join the forum and Monzo) and he is always very helpful… so didn’t want to answer with another smart ass answer back :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: and thought better to just let it flow… But thanks guys :wink:

(Sacha) #15

On the subject of Merchant Data, just noticed the option to suggest improvements to merchant data has appeared in the beta version of the iOS current account app. Is this a new update, I’m sure it wasn’t available previously?

(Herp Derp) #16

It’s always been there


I’ve been using Mondo prepaid since June 2016 (and Monzo CA since last month) and I’m still finding stuff in the apps! The apps look so incredibly simple but contain a wealth of functionality.

(Herp Derp) #18

Probably known but on the White CA app I was able to ‘fix’ merchant data however on the new blue CA app I am unable to do so now.

(Karim) #19

Yeah seems the option to suggest logo or location is gone from the blue app. I assume this is just while support team is busy transitioning everyone to CA and the feature will come back later… or it is a bug in the app… or something else. Hope it not going away!

(Allie) #20

Hi, how do we report missing logos and incorrect classification?

This was an in person purchase at the Missguided in Westfield Stratford City. Not a transaction. The logo also isn’t there.

I see references to people to people linking to Logos from Twitter when I search but I can’t figure out how to do it.

Sadly, this will also be my chance to see how refunds are handled. The cashier forgot to apply my student discount and because an item was on sale I didn’t know was, the total didn’t seem wrong. They happily issued a refund for the discount amount, so I’ll see how they show up when it posts!

(Tom ) #21

Hey Allie
Moved your post here.
Updating of merchant data is currently disabled in-app whilst the team focuses on transferring everyone to the CA. The feature is back in the latest TestFlight version on iOS so it looks like it’s heading back to all versions soon.
However, in the help section it’s still asking we don’t submit updates. It’s certainly low on the list of priorities at the moment.