Unable to report incorrect merchant data on Android

There seems to be no way of reporting incorrect merchant data on Android. Any idea when this feature will be added?

Yes, it’s on the roadmap here.

In the meantime you can simply report the incorrect data using the in-app chat - all that selecting the option in the iOS app does is open the support chat anyway.

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How should we report inaccurate spend locations on the map? There is a place I use often and the location is close but not quite right. Would be nice to possibly add a feature to suggest corrections? Also maybe the ability to suggest an icon for the retailer.

It is possible on the ios app to suggest an icon and improve the name or location by clicking on the something wrong button on a particular transaction. Not sure about android though…

On android you have to use in app chat, they’re very helpful though :slight_smile:

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I’ve moved your post here to keep all of the discussion about this process for Android users in one place :slight_smile: