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Android… Really???

That’s it I’ve had enough of Android getting priority over everything else, what about us Fitbit users?!?!?!

I am so angry right now that yet again we have been left till last!!

How dare Monzo do this us!!

If a tiny challenger bank like Starling can focus all their time and energy on this amazing payment system instead of useful status updates for outages then Monzo should do this instead of Apple Pay!

I will no longer be using Monzo coz of this.

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EDIT: Apple Pay next please :heart:



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As you can imagine, I was also shocked and appalled at how Fitbit pay isn’t being supported, I completely sympathise with the twelve people worldwide that this affects :smiley:

In all seriousness, when is there going to be a monzo app for my phone, the oh so beautiful Amstrad E-m@iler Plus?


Look, it even has a slot in the side for a Monzo card so it must be worthy of an app right? :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually have a friend who bought an Amstrad Em@iler. :neutral_face:

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I recall someone in my family having one, I think it was my uncle.

My mum used to have one, I think it was £29.99 at one point which with hindsight was a bargain for the tech involved… shame it needed an external PSU which meant that it was sod all use in a powercut/emergency.

It’s not as good as my Psion Organiser though… step aside.

What about:

Now we are getting into the Microsoft Zune territory :stuck_out_tongue:

the mkII was a thing of wonder!

emulating a vt100 on a two line display was fun

I had one of these

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I’m sure the 2 Fitbit Pay users on Starling will be overjoyed! :grinning:

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At least one of those is probably a staffer given a free one in order to aid implementation :smiley:


There 4 approval votes on a poll ( just to be clear 1 CEO, 2 Staff, 1 who is not fitbit fan but voted anyway :wink:


To me it just seems to be a bit of a waste of time that could be better spent, however that may be.

Given the apparent small number of users of fitbit pay, I’d be surprised if they weren’t incentivised by fitbit somehow because surely its not in the best interests of their users to support a minority platform (bit like writing an app for windows phone).

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Seems a total waste of time. Every time a suggestion is put forward, it’s usually answered with ‘our developers are busy working in the app’. Well that’s turned out to be bulls*^t, working on bloody Fitbit Pay more like!

It can be used on 1 Fitbit watch at present. So what is the percentage of Starling customers with this 1 type of watch? 0.0005%? Handy if you want a coffee whilst running a marathon I suppose. If not I imagine Apple/Android/Samsung Pay would be your first port of call if you had your phone. Why install another app?

Such fanfare for such a let down!


Do be fair, the people that got Fitbit pay working probably weren’t involved in app development so it wouldn’t have been impacted.

They still haven’t developed personal webhooks. It’s been on thier ‘next’ list forever.

A couple of things there. The company launched on Apple pay, Android pay and fitbit pay where as Monzo have only managed to launch ‘so far’ on android pay. Monzo are trying very hard to reach a wider audience and I don’t think launching on fitbit pay would help right now. Monzo are very good at hearing feedback and acting on it. If you only suggest they may will try and get on fitbit pay.

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who’s Monza? :slight_smile: