Worried - Possibly defrauded by a Monzo account holder

Hi, My son has sent money to a monzo account and we have not gained the goods. How can I seek help from Monzo. I have all the details ?

Probably best to use the in-app chat.


As in for a purchase online? Or to someone you know

Your contract is with the seller of the goods. If you think you’ve been scammed you need to ask your bank to apply a chargeback.

Good Luck!

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Need more details however by law Monzo can’t tell you anything about the account holder. It depends on the platform you dealt with the seller on and if they have any buyer protection/support. If it was gumtree or anything then I’d go via https://www.actionfraud.police.uk


We sent the money on my teenage sons behalf and he had made a knive purchase from a facebook account. I understand that we should have made more checks before allowing the purchase but he is usually responsible. Despite our shortfalls I still feel that people carrying out these cons should be held responsible.

As the sort code was 040004 I was interested in if there is any way Monzo can help. I belive this is a Monzo sort code.

I am happy to supply all details and screen shots.

The stupidity of this situation is not beyond me. What i am requesting is information on the best way forward. I hate to think these people can operate like this with no come back or that a bank like monzo can be manipulated for this use.

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I am sorry but you might have been a victim of a fraud.

Monzo will not be able to discuss anything on public forum. Email them at help@monzo.com with all the details so they can advise you and hopefully do some checks on user.

Legally I don’t think Monzo are under any obligation to help. You should also report this to Police at Action Fraud.


Almost certainly not something that can be resolved on the forum.

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You can escalate disputes on Facebook marketplace via Facebook help section. That’s the first place I’d go.


Do you have a direct link struggling to find a place to report this on facebook. I feel that facebook is not intrested as they hide any information on how to deal with issues from the marketplace feature.

Try https://m.facebook.com/help/contact/1780604318900624


I understand this coffee and thank you for your time but I do feel people on the forum can advise on the next step where we can get help.

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Peter also check this page


Does Monzo have a code of use for its account holders?

TO be honest, I’m sure there is also lots of Facebook groups to discuss this on that might be more knowledgeable than the sellers bank discussion page.

Not fully confident we can get you much closer to a resolution, but I’m sure people will do their best !

So banks are no intrested in how there account holders use there accounts. I am not intrested in Facebook ‘gossip’ I am intrested in legal responsibility and bank code of conduct. Are you saying that due to banks having no legal responsibility they also have no moral motivation to deactivate or quary these accounts when reported?

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If you email help@monzo.com with all the details I’m sure they will take a look but they won’t be able to tell you anything.
To start chargeback you need to get in touch with your bank and they should pass all the details on to Monzo.


My message was for Monzo as they tend to answer… However not on this occasion ?

Not typically out of hours but if you drop them an email they will give you what advice they can