Scammed on Facebook

I’ve been a victim of being scammed , I saw a Nintendo switch being Advertising on Facebook and the person selling it only accepted bank transfer , they were a selling page .
Contact the person they gave me there details & I sent it and I have been blocked 24 hrs after. Contacted Monzo about the transaction of the bank transfer and sent the evidence and they refused my refund . Is there any help I can get to get my funds back

Not from monzo. If you think a crime has been committed then report it to the police.


The police won’t do anything, I’ve been scammed on Facebook for an item I haven’t received…

A bank transfer isn’t as easy to claw back as other payment methods.

It’s more like cash than a card transaction- once it’s gone it probably lost forever.

Contact action fraud.

Yeah Monzo has contacted the persons bank which was NatWest hoping if they can recover the money from the persons bank. It’s disgusting behaviour very vile to think people like that are out there

that’s the thing when buying online when they only want to accept bank transfers is a red flag for me there’s so many ways you can pay online now and by only accepting one payment method should be a warning sign right there, hope this is a lesson learn and you get your money back

I’m sorry to hear that. You could try legal action, but you’d need the person’s address. I don’t know if Natwest could help with that.

Your local police won’t do anything. You need to report it to ActionFraud.

If you know the details of the person, you can launch a civil claim against them:

If you can not get recourse through either of those, put it down to a learning experience.


Just to back that up - a civil claim is not complicated and doesn’t require a lawyer or legal experience. You don’t do much more than write a paragraph about what happened. You do need their address though.

Action Fraud also won’t do anything, unless you can provide them with the name, address, date of birth and eye colour of the suspect. And then only if the fraud was over £50,000.

On the plus side they’ll give you a reference number, which you can give to both banks concerned, who will then file it away somewhere.

I’d say that a civil claim is your only hope of any joy here, unfortunately. But as stated above, you will need to know the details of the person who scammed you.


Where lines of enquiry exist, ActionFraud passes investigations out to police forces.

Regardless of whether ActionFraud is able to take action or not, it’s important that victims of crime report it.

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Only when extremely high thresholds are met. If they passed any information to local police in this case, even if they were given the name and address of the suspect, I’d be amazed.

Definitely. If this person has scammed other people and they are able to pin several frauds on them, there is a chance of it being passed to the police to investigate.

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What are those?

Don’t blame Monzo, it’s not their fault and not their responsibility to refund you.


I’ve read the OP’s post. I don’t see anywhere they’re blaming Monzo. They’ve explained the situation and have asked for advice.


They don’t release that information.

But anecdotally, from experience of hundreds of reports filed with them, we’ve had a very small % (<5%) of reports forwarded to police to investigate. Almost all of these were frauds over £50,000 in value, where the suspect(s) were identifiable.

Before Action Fraud came into existence, it was an entirely different story, and prosecution rates for smaller value frauds were much higher. But I am somewhat derailing this thread now, so will leave it there!

What about the thread title?

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Bank transfer is essentially handing someone cash. You don’t do it unless you know the person or they’re a reputable business.

If you don’t have this person’s details (the details on their Facebook account are most likely fake) then alas you’ll probably have to treat it as a very expensive lesson.


This makes it sound like Monzo chose to wash their hands of the affair and OP is blaming Monzo for their ‘refusal’ to act.

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That’s what you’ve chosen to interpret. I don’t read it like that. OP says something happened, they submitted a claim to Monzo who refused. OP is asking for advice. Advice has been offered. I don’t see any ‘blame’ of Monzo and Monzo is absolutely correct in not refunding.

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