I’ve been scammed by a Monzo account holder

strong textI made a transfer on sat in regards to parts I wanted for my car i sent the money to the person and haven’t heard fro him since this really not good I need assistance plus I’ve raised it up with my bank already can you help??

Unfortunately there is nothing that anyone on here can do because we’re all customers.

You need to call Monzo on 0800 802 1281 however they claim that this number is for customer enquiries only. If you’ve already notified your bank then I’m sure they will have opened direct communication with the relevant people at Monzo already :slight_smile:


Thanks I appreciate it

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I’m not saying you haven’t been scammed but I’ve known private sellers/traders to be slow to respond to communications. If you sent the money on Saturday it might just be they haven’t responded or dispatched the goods yet.

Hopefully you’ll get sorted.



Do you mean you entered their bank details to send the money, or used a Monzo.me link that they gave you and you sent money using your card? Either way it has been two days, and one of them was a Sunday. It might be a scam, but it if was me I would wait a little longer - at least unit the end of the day.

Not sure what relevance this has to monzo, it’s not like they asked the customer to steal from you. :man_shrugging:

This shouldn’t be flagged

I don’t think he is blaming anyone, he just wants to try and get his money back :slight_smile:

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I get that, I just don’t understand the approach,

Would he march into a Barclays branch and shout at a teller if it was a Barclays customer? Ect ect

In any case it’s his own bank he needs to deal with :man_shrugging:

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I’m not going to argue on behalf of someone else, I just didn’t read it like that at all and I don’t see with the way it’s worded how it is unacceptable.


The original title was Monzo I have been scammed by one of your customers :man_shrugging:

I think you might be reading into it all a bit too much.

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I changed it …sorry it seemed that the OP thread heading was under the impression that the community forum is the bank


Maybe for future reference use PayPal. And either get the seller to cover the fees or cover them yourself by adding the extra. Anyone who isn’t willing to accept PayPal in this day and age is dodgy. Worth the protection if you ask me.

Saying that I had this work against me as a seller. Someone bought a laptop off me. I sent it and after 4 weeks claimed it didn’t work. The guy sent it to completely the wrong address and PayPal found me the seller at fault. Finally tracked it down and hey presto the laptop worked. That was after PayPal stuck me with borrowing fees and threats from bailiffs and all sorts. Moral of story - PayPal buyer protection works :joy::joy::joy:

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I had a sort of the same issues I sent money to some one was not with monzo at the time and they really is very little you can do you can report them to action fraud if you have they full name and address you can first send them a letter ask for your money back and give them a time frame to pay it by the letter must be recorded after that you can that it to the court but it cost you money to do and they is still not 100% you will get it back.

If you pay by PayPal you will be coved but it may still take some time to get money back but you should.

The PayPal advice here isn’t watertight though.

There are numerous threads on here where someone has been scammed and found they have no buyer protection because the payment was sent as ‘friends and family’ leaving PayPal wanting nothing to do with it and the bank out of the loop and unable to assist. It’s fine for all of us to sit here and say we know the difference because we’re savvy but for the general public it all looks the same.


Yes and I been scammed in a way way I have a on going case with PayPal it take a long time but in my case I payed and the seller when silent PayPal sent me an email a few days letter saying the seller account was compromised and I was not to contact them but at this point no money was returned back had to open a case then send ask PayPal to step in and look at it. Still on going.

The point is if the seller account is compromised then should I not get the money back at that point as they never update tracking or any think.

I think you might have one too many typos in your message. As a result it’s really hard to understand what you’re saying. Could you revise it for me please?

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