I have been scammed

I have wrongly sent money to a scammer due to desperation of finding accommodation. I fell for this scam over facebook. I have submitted this fraud to Monzo. Would Monzo do a chargeback on this? what can i do next?

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You’ll need to wait for Monzo to investigate

Was it a card payment? If it was then chargeback might be possible

If you sent a bank transfer then they can’t do a chargeback and the money is probably gone


In answer to “what can I do next” I’d suggest crossing your fingers might be your next move.

Sure, that’s just what he needs to hear right now :unamused:

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Report it to the police. Get all the details you can, do some digging and give them as much info as possible.

This is unlikely to get you your money back but they shouldn’t get away with it and might stop them doing it to anyone else.

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If your have sent the payment via FPS (bank transfer) Monzo will reach out to the recipients bank to try and return your money to you. This is not always possible as the money could be spent or moved to another account. This can take up to 15 days.

They should have asked you 7/8 questions for you to detail exactly what happened. Make sure you give lots of detail and provide them with screenshots of your conversation with the scammer the more the better.

Sometimes if no money remains Monzo will refund you out of their own money and will let you know if you qualify for this. This is through subject to their own criteria.

I am sorry this has happened to you. It’s a waiting game now I’m sorry.