Time locked pots

Unusual idea but how about a time lock feature for pots? Until the date is reached no money can be moved.

Unfortunately it’s far to easy to pick from pots when the mood fits. I know locking our money away might pose problems but at least make us jump through hoops to get it if the option on that specific pots is switched on.

And you’re right, I have absolutely no will power when it comes to money!!


It’s a popular request and a feature I think Monzo have already prototyped. There’s a few screenshots floating around.

There would definitely be potential issues from locking pots and I’m pretty sure Monzo would make it a soft lock of sorts. For example, unlock anytime but must wait 30mins. I don’t think they would be willing to make you go through in-app chat to unlock as this would begin to clog support. I’d imagine there would be a disclaimer every time you locked one too.

I do think even a short time limit to unlock would make many reconsider withdrawing from their pots though.



Like the soft lock idea - or just make it an option (as in mock-ups) for those of us who struggle to save. R-

A judging hot chip pic and a short time limit would be great :joy:

Thanks for the replies.

I like the soft lock idea too but I’d be more than happy to sign a disclaimer to lock money away for longer.

For example me and my wife are saving for a mega holiday as a joint 40th birthday in 5 years time. Small amounts trickle in on a monthly basis so I never notice it, I’d happily lock that pot for 5 years or if something were to happen make it accessible after some incredibly tedious task? :slight_smile:

I’m not quite sure how it’d work but there must be a way.

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I definitely think the pots should be fully locked for the set time and not just have a couple of messages you can click through. Maybe there would be a 24 hour wait if you apply for a withdrawal or something.

A hard lock for up to 12 hours or something would be really useful.

If people had to use their PIN to lock the pot, it could get round people locking everyone’s money away in a pot as a joke (I can definitely see that happening).